Reiki For Stress Reduction

balance photoReiki For Stress Reduction

Traumatic stress is much more common than recognized or acknowledged. Here is where Reiki for stress reduction can come into play to reduce the burden and relax the tension these problems affect. There is a growing public health and economic burden of chronic disease resulting from the adverse effects of traumatic stress. A major study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study, revealed a compelling relationship between our traumatic experiences as children and our physical and mental health as adults. These experiences are significant risk factors and leading causes of chronic disease in the United States.  Many western medical practices used in the United States merely manage chronic disease. Energy healing techniques such as Reiki seeks to heal the dis-ease at its root cause that was attributed by traumatic stress.

One can feel the effects in the body and/or mind experienced from sessions during an energy healing.  Clients remain fully clothed, close their eyes, and can lie down or can be seated during sessions. The practitioner does not have to touch the client during sessions. We all have the life force running through us, and like all of us in life we have low energy times, when we can use more energy, a tune up so to speak, or a boost to our energy system. Reiki can assist you to stay focused and balanced, and can assist you to accomplish your desired goals. It has many applications with non-invasion and practical use. Reiki for stress reduction can be your aid to a happier more productive way to enjoy and enhance your life.

All my family has benefited from Reiki sessions.  We love It!!!

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