Meet Linda Crane


Hello, I’m Linda Crane and I am the founder of Inner Gold LLC and Holistic Energy Dynamics. I was born in New York City, and spent much of my childhood in Brooklyn with my family. When I was a teen-ager, we moved to the Buffalo, New York area. From birth I was a natural intuitive, seer, healer and artist. My experiences were unusual and different than those of most children and adults around me; which lead to insights on more than the physical understanding of life. As a child no one could play hide and seek with me. I always knew where they were and could find objects wherever they were hidden. I was able to see on the energetic levels of vibration.

Throughout my life I have deepened and honed my natural skills and gifts by studying with some of the leading spiritual and holistic teachers in the world. As an ordained minister for 10 years I utilize my God given gifts and talents assisting in counseling and healing.

My life’s work began as a child intuitive as did my interests in herbs and nutrition. I now have an international practice bringing a lifetime of experience and training in the most effective integrative healing modalities.

Linda Crane

Linda Crane

“She has the ability to quickly get to the heart of the matter with productive ways to remedy situations.”
Kathy Konst.
Commissioner of Environment and Planning of Erie County, New York, and former President & CEO, Lancaster Area Chamber of Commerce

I work with the corporate world as well as individuals utilizing my innate abilities and skills for people who want change and to live life effectively. The change that occurs with clients awakens within them states of consciousness for deep healing and transformation, connecting them with the Source of true inspiration. As we work together to achieve this alignment a connection is established. As you connect to your inner source, your Inner Gold, a new alignment takes place and you find that you are able to achieve a satisfying and rewarding life on the physical, mental, emotional and Spirit centered levels, as never before, through your journey into a deeper awareness of yourself.


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