Allow Yourself To Be Irresistible To Your Good

This is one of those upbeat feeling messages for you from the Universe, sent as a reminder, on how to receive more from this Holiday Season: Here’s some simple ways to allow yourself to be irresistible to your good. Boost Your Self Worth!

Isn’t it a hoot? of all the people in all the world who actually “get it,” few actually give it to themselves.

Whatever it is you want, start.

Give yourself compliments, praise, and presents.

Give yourself time, permission, and love. Hugs, kisses, and smiles. Winks, laughs, and applause.

And I will give you even more.

Now, please –
The Universe,  TUT

Whoohooos!,” “Eeee-haaaaas!,” and “Cowabungas!,”

Enjoy Blessings,

Linda Crane



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