Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Consultation:


In the ancient past history of the world, essential oils were used as medicine, and in anointing. Today they are considered to be the leading edge of natural medicine along with the vibratory energy qualities of the Bach® Flower Essences™. The benefits of the oils for physical health are many. Essential oils are anti-viral, anti bacterial, anti fungal, immune supporting, regenerative, and anti-depressant. Sessions: 75 Min.


Essential Oils are highly concentrated plant extracts. They have been used since ancient times to support health and wellness. There are 188 references to the use of essential oils in the Bible.
Essential oils were used as medicine and today they are considered to be the leading edge of natural medicine. The Flowers Essences are the vibratory energy or essence of a plant and they can also be used topically and internally.

The benefits of the oils for physical health are many. Essential oils are anti- viral, anti bacterial, anti fungal, immune supporting, regenerative, and anti-depressant. There is a huge difference between oils that merely smell good and therapeutic grade essential oils. The quality of Young Living’s pure and potent Essential Oils has established credibility with eminent scientists and medical professionals who continue to research and validate the effectiveness of these timeless and powerful gifts of nature. The quality, integrity, and purity are critical when using Essential Oils. Therapeutic essential oils should not be heated by using oil lamps. 95% of the world’s essential oils are created for industrial use that are found in the market today. Therefore, the quality of oils that are not the best are not to be used for therapeutic use.

Reported effects of essential oils are based on results that occur when using pure, unadulterated products. Do not expect cheap copies that smell similar to natural plant oils to have the same effects. If you do not experience the results you seek, it is not because the oils do not work, but is more likely due to using adulterated oil or a chemically created substitute. I have experienced and tested over the years many different brands on the market searching for the utmost essence and clarity in essential oils. I am pleased to say that Young Living Essential Oils produces only therapeutic-grade essential oils. I had first hand experience in learning about the distillation process of the Oils and being on the farm that produces these Oils in Mona, Utah. These Essential Oils have a good track record working for me as well as my clients.

Essential Oils can be utilized in various ways:

  • Applied to the skin
  • Diffused in the air
  • Added to bath water
  • In some cases, taken internally
  • Direct Inhalation
  • Worn as a Perfume or Cologne
  • Personal Care Items
  • Humidifier/Vaporizer
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Compress
  • Cleaning

How Does Fragrance Affect Us?
Fragrances stimulate to odor receptors of the olfactory system. As vapor molecules enter the nasal cavity they are received by receptors (receptors are like keys to a lock). If the vapor has the proper structure the nerve ending receives the vapor in the form of an impulse; which gets transmitted to the limbic system. Receptor sites on each cell utilize the molecules in the oils and so does the olfactory system. When applying essential Oils to the skin they are absorbed easily and then carried through the bloodstream to every cell in the body. Therapeutic grade essential oils, is a profound healing modality capable of changing the way we know and use medicine today. Young Living Essential Oils is a company created by Naturopathic Doctor, Gary Young. Young Living Essential Therapeutic Oils are on the leading edge of supporting health and dedicated to producing the finest quality oils available today. Bach®Flower Essences are also very high on the energy scale of vibrational medicine (see more under Personalized Bach® Flower Essences).

Our sense of smell (the olfactory system in our bodies are a powerful avenue through the channels in our bodies for producing health benefits. Health can be improved, maintained and supported with a higher quality of life by addressing one of our 5 senses―the sense of smell.

Some ideas on what is energy about from a vibration perspective, is that it can be simply understood as raising your level of frequency, your vigor, liveliness, get-up-and-go, oomph, dynamism, vitality, drive, verve, effectiveness, endurance, strength, attracting more abundance and prosperity.) These will help activate the healing process to start. This is being understood more now and it is where we are headed in the 21 century; because everything is a manifestation of energy. It is of upmost importance to raise and keep up our energy level in our busy lives. This reduces stress and the possibility of disease.

Hippocrates (Father or Medicine) said, “Let your medicine be your food and let your food be your medicine.” To be healthy we must give our bodies more of the components that make up our bodies. Some of these are: energy, clean water, color and light, balanced mind and emotions. Being aware and addressing these properties gives us an opportunity to be responsible for our health choices.

We are the creators and designers of our lives!