Benefits of Energy Healing

Are you living in flux all the time?  In a stressful world, anxiety and depression are at the root cause of the problems. This is where Energy Healing transmissions can come to the rescue!

Dr Norman Shealy states: “For those seeking restoration of health, there are many options” :
Just to name a few: Massage, Meditation, Prayer, Yoga, Progressive Physical Exercise, Spiritual Counseling, Vibratory music etc.

In working with over 30,000 chronically depressed patients, most stated that they could not remember ever being happy. Less commonly, a major family problem occurred in the first 5-7 years of life. Thus, it seems that something very early in life led to depression and anxiety”.

Dr Shealy goes on to state that: “The first and most critical issue in being healthy is a nurturing conception, gestation and delivery. A child may be born physically healthy but without basic homeostatic ability. (Homeostatis means that we are constantly trying to achieve internal balance in our changing environment). All added stress may weaken the system further: Physical stress, Chemical stress, Emotional stress, Electromagnetic stress.  Habits that contribute to homeostasis include: “Real” Food, Sleep, Physical Activity, and a Nurturing Environment.”

I’d like to give insight as to what is going on with health disorders and how to achieve internal balance in our lives.

Here is a short review.

Energy Healing can enhance your ability to function at a higher level and allow you to serve a greater purpose with a lot less negativity.

Relieving Stress and Anxiety through Energy Healing sessions (which can be performed from a distance or done in person) are blessings in many ways. These transmissions of energy can help you to achieve a higher level of functionality in many area of your life. When stress is lowered or relieved… you can be “yourself “again.

I would like to explain further, the difference between happiness and excitement and how the lack of this understanding can cause suffering. Excitement although it seems to energize us, the effect that excitement produces is only temporary, and it comes to us in energy waves of peaks and valleys.  So you are feeling good, and then there is a let down feeling when the excitement has worn off.  You feel up and feel that adrenaline rush, but this type of energy produces, up and down moods and feelings, which can cause a variety of stress and health related problems and conditions.Happiness is a feeling from within that you bring outward into your daily life. With happiness there is an opportunity for sustainability.  The ups and downs from whatever circumstances you encounter; while feeling happy do not knock you off course feeling emotionally up and then down again.  It is the vibration where you are going along at a steady pace.  With this energy you do not feel extreme ups and downs, you are more neutral and in the flow of life; as opposed to the roller coaster lifestyle. You know the experience of feeling exhilarated and then when you calm down you feel depressed…or worse you crashThis is what I call a good recipe for unhappiness.Stress will always be a part of life. but you don’t have to have anxiety.  If you think just because you are working with Spiritual pursuits you should not have stress in the life…well that is a misconception.  Stress is necessary part of life, anxiety is not.  Stress is the means of growth in human development. As long as you are alive you will be subjected to different forms of stress.

What one should focus on is how to have stress not affect you so radically, because through stress you evolve. Focus on the meaning this stress has in your life.  Life goes in cycles.  When you come out from the growth cycle which has its challenges and stressful situations; then if the stress has been viewed and assessed for the meaning it imparts to your life,…then you enter a cycle where you can flourish!! What you do not want to happen is to crumble under the stress.  Then you can stay at a level that will nourish you, to achieve homeostatis.

Happiness is attained through Healing Energy transmissions which helps sustain you and what often occurs…is the fear of the future over time dissolved from ones life.  This fear of the future lurks behind emotional stresses. But when you experience happiness you feel supported and nurtured and you return to your true self expression.  From this state you begin to live with purpose.

Finding ones purpose in life is a great feeling and from there you can contribute in the world in your unique way.  Everyone have a purpose and a way of doing something that expresses itself in your unique abilities.

You start feeling this happiness; which is generated from within, by just really getting in touch with ‘Yourself’.  Through the process of Energy Healing; some people report that they experience this feeling of coming home to themselves for the first time in their life. Time goes by quickly when you are in the flow and you are not depleted from working longer than usual hours.  You feel calm and whatever you are going through or whatever is going on in this world; you have trust in your self and you start ‘naturally’ experiencing right action in your daily life.

Through Energy Transmissions you will have a greater quality of life.  For more information regarding  Healing Energy Sessions please contact me at

It’s a great feeling when your life happens naturally on purpose and to be more consistently in the flow with whatever life brings your way. What I love about this work, is that there is never any rituals, rules or dogmas that you are asked to perform. There is nothing you have to do just relax during your healing session. What Energy Healing(s) can do for you is open the pathway to YOUR own masterful life. And that is Freedom.

You can look forward to a much healthier lifestyle where feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, feeling unfocused, and what to do next are not an issue. From this place you can contribute your gifts and talents to share in your own unique way.

Don’t Wait! Don’t Hesitate!

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Wishing You Many Blessings,

Linda Crane

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