“Why Is Everything Bad Suddenly
Happening To Me?”

Dear Friend,

Hello, my name is Linda Crane. I help people heal from problems in their lives. I was born with natural psychic intuitive and healing gifts. I bring years of extensive intuitive spiritual expertise into my work with clients from every walk of life and in many countries, including the U.S.A., Canada, the Netherlands, India, Nepal, Thailand, Tibet, and more. I am specifically guided with each individual. My spiritual coaching and energy healing work have enabled clients to move through defeating and life-destroying energies into successful and joyful living.

I have studied many forms of healing, and hold certifications in many natural healing disciplines, including Bach Flower Registered Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Holistic Alternative Psychology Practitioner, former Hospital Advocate and Crisis Services Counselor, and Ordained Minister.

Two years ago at a seminar in Los Angeles, I was having lunch with my husband in between rounds. We were discussing how great the group was when John, a man with curly brown hair approached our table and asked if he could join us. I immediately nodded and said, “YES.”

This happens often; I’ve been told that there’s something in my manner that puts people instantly at ease, makes them feel comfortable and secure.

Based upon my decades of experience as a healer and intuitive counselor, I know that there are no accidents in the universe and that John asked to sit next to us for a reason. So I simply waited, trusting that his story would unfold at the right time, in the right way.

I’ve come to understand the blocks and hurdles that so many people are dealing with in their daily lives. After John sat down I noted his Irish accent and hearty laugh. At the same time I couldn’t help but notice something strange in his energy field.

A Cursed Man

A darkness. A heaviness.

Something was troubling him at a deep, spiritual and emotional level. I immediately sensed that he’d been attacked – but not physically. Someone had laid some dark energy on him and I could see he had no idea what had happened to him or what he could do to get rid of it.

Because John sensed he could confide in me, he told me about a problem with his cousin. John is the owner of a very successful company that he founded. His cousin, who had at one time also been successful but had fallen on hard times, came to him for a loan which he made to him. After a time that money was spent, and his cousin came to him and asked him for another substantial loan. This time, John told him that he would loan him a smaller amount, but not the huge sum that he was requesting.

Someone may want to control you and if he can’t…

And that’s when his life started to fall apart.

His health went downhill. His lifetime savings began to mysteriously dwindle. When he booked flights, he encountered one obstacle after another. Worst of all, he couldn’t sleep at night. He began to be plagued by nightmares. No matter how hard he meditated, visualized or prayed – nothing seemed to help. In fact, all the efforts appeared to be making matters worse.

Curses are Real to Sports Fans

He went to therapists and other counselors, all of whom told him “it’s all in your head.” He’d heard about curses before but always laughed at the idea, until NOW, when he had no other explanation as to why his life was starting to crumble.

Curse of the Bambino

“Do you believe there’s such a thing as a curse?” John asked.

“I most definitely do,” I said. “I’ve seen a lot of them in my practice. Some are new and some are old. What you’re dealing with is a recent curse, but if left uncorrected, it can be passed on.”

“What do you mean by passed on?” asked John.

“Well, some curses outlive the person or people they were originally intended. In sports you have the ‘Curse of the Bambino,’ ‘The Billy Goat Curse’ – and so on. You might think these nothing but superstition, but how do you explain decades of failure right when all appeared to be going well.”

“I heard the Red Sox broke the ‘Curse of the Bambino,’ said John.

“Yes, they did,” I said. “But it took them almost 80 years. And last time I checked the Chicago Cubs still haven’t made the World Series. And then there’s the Buffalo Bills from my area. Four-straight Super Bowl appearances and they lost every time.”

“Okay, but outside the sports world, is there really such a thing as a curse?” asked John.

JFK and Bruce Lee

“Well, look around, John. The world is filled with multi-generational problems that were passed on. Look at the Kennedy family, as an example. JFK, RFK and JFK, Jr. – all died at a young age. Then there’s Bruce Lee’s family. He was warned as a child to be careful, that the boys in the family were cursed. Bruce died young – and so did his son.”

“Okay, I’m beginning to see your point.”

“Look at poverty, alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic violence and so on,” I said. “Many of these are generational curses. They get passed on from grandfather to father to children and grand children. You may find this far-fetched, but in my line of work I’ve found it true over and over again. The good news is that a curse can be removed and once it is removed, it’s amazing how fast good things start flowing your way.”

John asked: “How does someone lay a curse on you? Is it always intentional?”

“Not always. Any time someone puts you down, they are cursing you in some way, whether they know it or not. There are curses and there are blessings. A blessing is when I encourage you and send you loving energy or gratitude. A curse is when someone repeatedly puts you down to your face – or behind your back. Someone can be throwing mud at you in private and affecting your life, especially if he puts a lot of emotion into it.”

“And how does it hurt me if I’m not there to hear it or see it?”

“Well, have you ever been thinking about someone and the phone rings?” I said.

“Yes, of course.”

“Do you think that was a coincidence or energy being received at another level of consciousness?”

“It think it’s energy being sent and received.”

“Right. Now, if someone is cursing you and you are feeling emotionally weak or vulnerable at the time, the curse can attach. So let me ask you, when your cousin left, were you feeling vulnerable?”

“YES,” said John. “I was depressed, fearful, worried. You name it.”

“Okay. Well, did you know that anytime you feel negative emotion you’re leaving holes in your energy field for others to attach negativity?”

“Didn’t know that,” said John. “But now I do.”

“And would you like me to show you how you can lift this energy from you and be done with it? Would you like me to give you a blessing to replace the curse?”

“You betcha,” said John.

Later that day I met with John in private and did two things. I showed him how to eliminate the negativity from his field and taught him how to reinforce the blessings I gave him.

30 days later John called me with an update. His financial condition was back on track. The nightmares were over. He went through each day with a spring in his step and gratitude in his heart.

Curse Lifted

Self-Imposed Curses


Although many people are running around each day carrying family curses – let’s not lose sight of the fact that a lot of curses are self-imposed or self-inflicted.

Without even realizing it, you start cursing yourself. You start telling yourself you’re too fat, too stupid, no good with money, no good in relationships, too ugly, too old and so on. And these self-inflicted words not only become YOUR reality, but they may also get passed on to others in your family.

Other self-inflicted curses arrive after you do something you regret. Call it Karma if you will, but what goes around really does come around – in more ways than one.

Always remember, self-imposed or not, a curse is a curse and a blessing is a blessing. So it really doesn’t matter whether the curse was sent to you by someone else or you gave it to yourself. You now owe it to yourself to remove it.

Remove the Blocks to Your Success

Chances are excellent you’ve done many, many things to increase the blessings in your life – but if you have unconscious curses in your family line – or if you’ve imposed curses on yourself, you probably feel like you have blocks, baggage or obstacles standing in your way of success.

You don’t have to call them curses if you don’t want to. Calling them “blocks” is fine. Just keep in mind that blocks are not blessings.

More importantly, if you have experienced any of the following listed below, then you are most likely the victim of a curse (self-imposed, directed by another, or coming down to you from past generations):

Symptoms of a Curse
  • Seeming inability to create wealth. Every step forward causes two steps back.
  • Sudden unexplainable loss of wealth or prosperity that has nothing to do with economic conditions
  • Death of a loved one or several family members that doesn’t make any sense.
  • Violent arguments or fighting that comes from out of nowhere for no good reason.
  • Sexual abuse of yourself or your children.
  • The end of a perfect relationship via jealousy from outsiders. Yes, some people may want your relationship to end for their OWN reasons.
  • Weird things happening in your home or office after being given gifts by so-called friends or clients.
  • Strange energy in your home, especially around bedtime or while you are sleeping.
  • Sudden illness or health breakdown that doesn’t seem normal or natural.
  • The onset of fears, phobias and depression.
  • The inability to enjoy great sex with your partner.
  • Feeling powerless over your circumstances or thinking there’s nothing you can do because you’re only ONE person.
  • Inability to communicate with your children. They no longer listen to you because they have other “advisors.”
  • Belief that you cannot get physically fit, lose weight, get healthy, have money or create the life that you want.
  • Feelings of being unloved and unlovable. Feeling that you’ll never amount to anything or can never do anything to “measure up.”
  • And so on….

How to Remove Curses Forever!

YES, as bad as curses may seem, there is a way to remove them, and it’s much easier than you may think. In my 25+ years of coaching and consulting, I’ve found that all curses can be broken if you simply follow the easy-to-understand steps I’ve outlined in my course, How to Break the Family Curse.

Keep in mind that a “family curse” is often considered the toughest and most resistant of all curses, and so if you know how to break this one, you can break any other curse that comes down the road looking for someone to latch onto.

By following the 7 simple steps and procedures I teach you’ll be able to break any curse, including a family curse.

You’ll be able to easily eliminate the unproductive, negative blockages contained within your energy field.

Take Back Your POWER NOW

Once you’re armed with the mental tools and fire power I am going to pass onto you in my program, you will never be troubled by a course or negative vibe again.

Seven simple steps is all it takes for you to take your power back, and eliminate the negative from your life. I’ll show you how to triumph over guilt, fear, and superstition by using the techniques I’ve developed and used over the years – techniques that will work for you as well as they have for me.


My seven simple steps to breaking a family curse.


  1. I’ll tell you how to control your own unlimited power.
  2. I’ll tell you which powerful sources in the universe you can call on for help, and assistance, and it doesn’t make any difference what your religion or belief is, it won’t interfere, or conflict with it in any way.
  3. You’ll learn how to create reflective boundaries around yourself that will sense negative energy and send it away from you.
  4. You’ll learn the secret of cutting the chains, and dissolving the black energy that surrounds you.
  5. I’ll unlock one of the master secrets of the universe for you, and you’re going to be surprised at it’s simplicity.
  6. I’m going to show you how to visualize and help destroy a curse before it has a chance to take root.
  7. I’m going to reveal the secret power of the number nine, and it’s connection to water and a special salt that will help you destroy a curse.

And the fantastic news is that when your have broken the curses, knocked through the obstacles, dropped the unconscious baggage and eliminated the negative, you’ll be able to go on and do whatever you’ve always wanted to do. There will be nothing but clear sky before you.

This means that…

Curse Lifted


  • Money MagnetYour relationships will become loving and harmonious instead of filled with bickering, back-biting, jealousy and fighting.
  • You’ll become a magnet of the job you want, the money you’d like and the experiences of freedom and fulfillment that are waiting for you.
  • You’ll look younger and more vitally alive. It’s amazing how your face will change and you’ll immediately begin radiating warmth and personal power when all the blockages are gone.
  • You’ll feel happy for no particular reason whatsoever, just like you did when you were a young child.
  • You’ll come to see the magnificence and miracle of your very existence and this will lead to more of all the good things life has to offer while giving you immunity and protection from the negative.

If you’ve come this far with me, one thing is for certain, it didn’t happen by accident. You’re reading this letter for a reason. Deep down you understand there’s another level you can rise to – but in order to get there you have to break free from the past.

My desire to help you break the curses, blocks and baggage is limitless. At the same time I realize I cannot reach everyone one-on-one. Although my rates for a healing session ($300.00 per session) are affordable for many, there’s just no way I can work with everyone who calls me or emails me to ask for my personal intervention.

And that’s why I put together my program, How to Break the Family Curse, now available as a Digital Download program. Believe me, what I have to say is riveting and life-changing. And the steps I give you to gain back your power are so simple a child can easily master them. This program alone is easily worth the price of a healing session with me – and each time you replay it you’ll discover something else you can do to make your life even better.

What I present in Breaking the Family Curse is not information readily available at the library or on the Internet. Specialized knowledge on this subject is normally passed from healer to healer and isn’t usually recorded in any way.

Although others have told me I should charge as much as $500.00 for what I reveal in Breaking the Family Curse, I’m not going to do so. In fact I’m not even going to charge $250.00, which is half that amount.

Not only that, I’m not even going to charge 1/4 the price others told me to charge. That’s right.

I’m only going to charge $37.95 plus S&H, a ridiculously low amount when you consider how the information can eliminate pain, frustration, anger and other negative emotions and problems that have harmed you and your family for years.

But I’m not going to stop there. In fact, I have three more very special gifts I want to give you free of charge, provided you place your order right away without delay.

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In a nutshell I’m giving you at least $616.95 in lifetime healing value for only $37.95 plus S&H. More importantly, you’re receiving the tools that will eliminate unwanted negativity while filling your mind and body with limitless freedom to expand beyond any limits imposed upon you by others.

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Linda Crane

P.S. If you know how to break a family curse, you can break virtually any curse or negative program someone has tossed your way. Armed with the tools and techniques I’m giving you, a whole new world of abundance, love, peace and harmony will open up to you. Are you ready for it? Then place your order and get it now.