Making Decisions

The Power of your Soul is in your everyday movements.  The best choice in making decisions is to make your choice creatively and with compassion.  That doesn’t mean you are making yourself the doormat of another person.  You can state your truth as you see it, and let it be from your heart understanding on… Read More

Ancestral History

Giverny Monet Garden

Today’s technology is an expression of what we already know to be true: we are one, connecting the human race. The internet provides the means for connection. For example, the love and respect we have for ourselves connects us to others with more kindness and appreciation towards one another. Opening our minds and hearts is… Read More

Astrology 2012

Happy New Moon

Clarity through, Astrology 2012, for the purpose of awareness, in the here and now, can bring about positive changes. Once we become aware of what is going on in, through, and around us, we can see the bright side.  Astrology 2012, brings out how important “coming to awareness will be at this time, because it… Read More

How To Achieve Goals

Decison Paths

I’d like to give some insights on the following: Astrology and 2012, Achieving Goals with the dynamics facing us from Hurricane Sandy, and an important decision to make regarding this U. S. Presidential Election. One of the key planetary dynamics currently impacting global affairs as well as the financial markets in Astrological terms, is the… Read More

Astrology 2012, Hurricane Sandy, And The Presidential Election


One of the key planetary dynamics currently impacting global affairs as well as the financial markets in Astrological terms, is the Uranus Pluto square aspect that we have been experiencing. Whenever these two (2) planets come together and form an aspect you can be sure we’ll have to take notice of whatever is happening.  And… Read More

Generational Curses

distortion Mind Gap

Internal Personal Change Is Necessary To Move And Clean Out Generational Curses.  Here are some ways to discover a deeper understanding on the subject of generational curses. Your ego takes you through all the experiences of worrying, crying, pain, and lack. The ego insures its survival by keeping you trapped through grief, fear, apathy, pride,… Read More

Positive Thinking

It Gets Better

At about 4 to 5 years of age, the conscious mind comes in to play. Up to that age we believe what has been told to us, and the subconscious mind is fully operating  The child believes you and what you say. Example:  There’s a fairy around the corner. The child does not operate from… Read More

What Are Generational Curses?

Sunset at Long Jetty

There are many applications for working with a holistic approach to health, well-being, and on healing.  I’d like to help you uncover some answers concerning; “what are generational curses,” with a beginning understanding of the effects such circumstances have on a person’s life. The affects can be devastating as the harm is infiltrated onto one… Read More

What is A Generational Curse?

chains & lock

Believing in yourself can take you a long way into your own self worth, and confidence in overcoming a generational curse.  Traditional religious thinking starts with the premise that you need to continually justify your existence because you are born sinful and unworthy until baptized by a priest…even success in the arenas of life is… Read More

A Better You

Summer Peace

There are some key steps that can give you advantage to reaching your desired goals in becoming ‘a better you’.  It’s all about how you relate to your own experiences.  Your emotions will make or break you.  So it’s sound advise to break the bounds and chains that have held you back.  It may seem… Read More