The Solar Eclipse New Moon In Scorpio


New Moons are the beginnings of cycles.  A Solar Eclipse as seen from the Earth is a type of eclipse that occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, and the Moon fully or partially blocks the Sun.  On Thursday, October 23, 2014,  at 5:57 pm EST, the Moon is in its New… Read More

Astrological Full Moon Forecast January 2014

Here is the Astrological Forecast for January 2014. The Moon will be full in motherly Cancer opposite the Sun in Father Capricorn this January 2014. Now is your chance to balance Inner and outer authority. Step toward what nourishes you and what makes you feel capable.  At these times we want to be nurtured… comforted…… Read More

December 2013 Full Moon Astrology Forecast

Ready for December 2013 Full Moon Reading in Gemini? The Sun is in Sagittarius and the Moon is in Gemini. and to boot Uranus, which has been in Retrograde motion… is now going Direct. Here’s the shot of adrenaline you’ve been waiting for to move forward. It will be a heck of a ride in… Read More

Astrology July 29 – August 4, 2013

Astrology July 29-August 4, 2013 Astrology is a picture of the heavens and our energy relationship to the heavens, and the planets relationship of energy to us.  Everything is made up of energy and energy is our teacher.  This week begins with a powerful alignment of potent planets lining up. A six pointed star is… Read More

Shifting Your Consciousness Part 1

light at the end of the tunnel

People have been saying how much more difficult it seems to be on the whole for them.  Their moods have more ups and downs, their ability to stay neutral (let alone keeping positive) has been a strain, their energy has been depleted more than usual, and they seem to be more depressed than before.  So… Read More

Mercury In Retrograde

Yellow telephone with earpiece covered

Hmmmmm.  I know you think you understand what you thought I said, but I’m not sure that what you heard is what I actually meant! This statement is a perfect example of what happens when Mercury, the planet that rules communication, is in retrograde. Some of you who are familiar with Mercury Retrograde may be… Read More

How To Achieve Goals

Decison Paths

I’d like to give some insights on the following: Astrology and 2012, Achieving Goals with the dynamics facing us from Hurricane Sandy, and an important decision to make regarding this U. S. Presidential Election. One of the key planetary dynamics currently impacting global affairs as well as the financial markets in Astrological terms, is the… Read More

Astrology 2012, Hurricane Sandy, And The Presidential Election


One of the key planetary dynamics currently impacting global affairs as well as the financial markets in Astrological terms, is the Uranus Pluto square aspect that we have been experiencing. Whenever these two (2) planets come together and form an aspect you can be sure we’ll have to take notice of whatever is happening.  And… Read More

A Better You

Summer Peace

There are some key steps that can give you advantage to reaching your desired goals in becoming ‘a better you’.  It’s all about how you relate to your own experiences.  Your emotions will make or break you.  So it’s sound advise to break the bounds and chains that have held you back.  It may seem… Read More

Protection: For the Year of the Dragon Starting January 23, 2012.

Yellow Chinese Dragon

Protection For the Year of the Dragon  Beginning January 23, 2012. Dragon Protection: A year with many changes for sure.  Keep moving calmly in the mist of uncertainties.  Impulsive acts won’t help you this year. Dragons are one of the most powerful and ancient archetypes found within the natural world.  Dragons are not to be… Read More