Disappointment and Frustration


Our external life is highly complex, and an important part of our external life, is a reflection of our inner programming and ancestral family patterns. So I ask you,”who’s running the show of your life?”   Depression, disillusionment, disappointment and frustration? I’m not referring to your parents, partner, children or teachers. I’m talking about YOU. Your… Read More

Ancestral History

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Today’s technology is an expression of what we already know to be true: we are one, connecting the human race. The internet provides the means for connection. For example, the love and respect we have for ourselves connects us to others with more kindness and appreciation towards one another. Opening our minds and hearts is… Read More


Dragonfly & Flower

Since you are reading this material then the time has come to make great progress in 2013. From a metaphysical/spiritual point of view (metaphysical meaning beyond the physical) there are no coincidences. Life has its up and downs, but with a continued dry spell, so to speak, in the happiness department, this can really put… Read More

Generational Curses

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Internal Personal Change Is Necessary To Move And Clean Out Generational Curses.  Here are some ways to discover a deeper understanding on the subject of generational curses. Your ego takes you through all the experiences of worrying, crying, pain, and lack. The ego insures its survival by keeping you trapped through grief, fear, apathy, pride,… Read More

What Are Generational Curses?

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There are many applications for working with a holistic approach to health, well-being, and on healing.  I’d like to help you uncover some answers concerning; “what are generational curses,” with a beginning understanding of the effects such circumstances have on a person’s life. The affects can be devastating as the harm is infiltrated onto one… Read More

What is A Generational Curse?

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Believing in yourself can take you a long way into your own self worth, and confidence in overcoming a generational curse.  Traditional religious thinking starts with the premise that you need to continually justify your existence because you are born sinful and unworthy until baptized by a priest…even success in the arenas of life is… Read More

How To Break A Generational Curse

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I’m been asked many times how can I Break A Generational Curse and is this possible for me to do? Feeling a sense of happiness or joy is a struggle when life is experienced as so restrictive and long suffering.  Yet managing to keep a sense of humor about yourself and life’s twists and turns is… Read More

Overcoming Generational Curses

Think different

Generational Curses can affect us in a variety of ways and means. I will address a few simple and more obvious ways. The curse comes through one’s feeling nature that is connected to a heavily emotionally charged event or situation. It can come through connections made with others in the past, that held negative energy… Read More

Giving up?? Success may be rounding the corner…

Don't give up

Have you ever gotten to the point of why bother.  You try but for what?  So many people tell me that they feel  damned, cursed, unlucky, and that they have come to realize that their, family for generations, has been perpetuated with a generational curse that they can not clear. Life certainly is challenging at… Read More

Generational Curse, Intentions, and Life in Review

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Everyone has an intention when they do something. Whether you realize it or not it’s an underlying motivator. Intentions lead the way in experiencing a family curse or generational curse. Even if it’s not clearly understood that this is what one is doing.  This intention may not be scene on the surface as actions you… Read More