Reiki For Stress Reduction

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Reiki For Stress Reduction Traumatic stress is much more common than recognized or acknowledged. Here is where Reiki for stress reduction can come into play to reduce the burden and relax the tension these problems affect. There is a growing public health and economic burden of chronic disease resulting from the adverse effects of traumatic… Read More


Manifesting that which we desire requires a lot of TRUST and CONFIDENCE.  When we think that we are not receiving answers to our prayers or we don’t see results, it is not because we are not heard. God is not a Concierge! Walt in Breaking Bad TV series, felt that he was good at what… Read More

Laughter Helps Us To Heal

Laughter has been called the best medicine. It relieves stress. Laughter helps us to heal.  Did you know that laughter has healing properties?  It relaxes your body, releases pain-relieving endorphins, and relieves and rids the body of stress and excess cortisol. Lower stress leads to a more resilient immune system, and it releases health-enhancing endorphins… Read More

Healing Energy

I come to you today bearing a gift for you. This is a freee gift to all of my readers.  This gift is priceless!  If you have not received the results you have been looking for in any area of your life,…you may want to try this Healing Energy. This healing energy is something you… Read More

Self Confidence

The following is potent enough just to say on its own. Struggling to change some unwanted condition in your life, without first addressing what’s going on inside of YOU, is like burning the dinner you’re cooking and then blaming the dinner! Stress and struggle go hand in hand. You can change plaguing unwanted conditions with… Read More