Reaping Blessings


On this Thanksgiving Day it is my pleasure to send blessings to all my family and friends. And to all my wonderful clients who have been devoted to bettering their lives through love and giving of their unique gifts and talents.  Reaping Blessings is assured when you de-stress by continuing to be positive and loving. that’s when the dreams… Read More

Clarifying To Transcend And To Transmute

Photo by symphony of love

I’ve been asked questions to clarify the terms to transcend and to transmute and tips for applying them in your life?  These words hold different meaning yet they get used interchangeably. Transmuting is a chemical change that takes place, a total change, a total chemical change that takes place in the body and you become… Read More

Shifting Your Consciousness Part 2

stress eggs in carton

“Courage is being scared to death..but saddling up anyway“.  John Wayne Have you reacted negatively when someone “pushed your buttons”? Or have you had the intention of approaching a stressful situation in your life with clarity and courageousness, but… as soon as you opened your mouth all the wrong stuff came out?  What that means… Read More


Create your best dreams and wishes

  Dreams Do Come True! To birth your dreams all they need is YOU!  Life’s a picture show waiting for you to believe; that your dreams are in waiting…to BURST forth, from inside of YOU.  So love being YOU to make your dreams come true. Be playful now, be free with your thoughts, share, be… Read More

The Seductive Part of Charm

Snake Charmer

Have you ever been around someone who is just the most wonderful person you’ve ever met to only find out down the road that you were duped, and that they have been a fake all along. I’m referring to people that you have put your faith and trust in them with your mission or cause,… Read More