Making Decisions

The Power of your Soul is in your everyday movements.  The best choice in making decisions is to make your choice creatively and with compassion.  That doesn’t mean you are making yourself the doormat of another person.  You can state your truth as you see it, and let it be from your heart understanding on… Read More

For the Halloween of It All

This is a recipe for a Superman or Superwoman, and for all those who chose to be a superhero this Halloween: Straight from the real character himself  “So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” Christopher Reeve 1952-2004, Actor,… Read More

Am I Feeling Excitement or Fear?

A noted German born psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Fitz Perls stated that “Fear is just excitement without breathe.” This statement is one to ponder, because what can come out of this is a heart centered way to decipher the question: Am I feeling excitement or fear? Here’s a perspective that can prove quite helpful in daily… Read More


Manifesting that which we desire requires a lot of TRUST and CONFIDENCE.  When we think that we are not receiving answers to our prayers or we don’t see results, it is not because we are not heard. God is not a Concierge! Walt in Breaking Bad TV series, felt that he was good at what… Read More

Recreate Yourself

You can recreate yourself to the best vision you have personally for your life.  You can get passed your mistakes! We all have made mistakes. Welcome to having a human experience! Recreating is part of evolving.  Discontent has a purpose.  It spurs you on to experience another way that can work to your betterment. Why… Read More


Inspiration came to me when I got this note from the Universe.  I thought it was so potent for being in the flow with oneself and life. “Dominion over all things doesn’t come with age, spirituality, or even gratitude. In fact, it doesn’t come at all. You were born with it,  and you use it… Read More


If you are experiencing any lack in your life it’s not because of something that’s missing.  It’s because the ego is in the way. The ego (comprised of your thoughts and beliefs) is a barrier to your abundance. Only when you dissolve this ego-barrier will the supply of abundance (including the things you want to… Read More

Self Confidence

The following is potent enough just to say on its own. Struggling to change some unwanted condition in your life, without first addressing what’s going on inside of YOU, is like burning the dinner you’re cooking and then blaming the dinner! Stress and struggle go hand in hand. You can change plaguing unwanted conditions with… Read More

Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety is so prevalent today.  Life is full of stress, and our time for ourselves can be very limited with all our daily demands.  But let’s take a look at this in a different way. Your job can be an expression of who you are, but your job is not who you are…. Read More

Life Purpose

Finding your life purpose comes from knowing who you truly are and what you desire. Your purpose is not something to find outside of yourself it actually is held within you, waiting for you acknowledge it, and bring it forward out into your life. Happiness does come from knowing your life purpose. You may ask:… Read More