Heart VS. The Mind

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In all battles in situations regarding the heart vs. the mind, go with your heart! The heart doesn’t lower itself to the contradictory, noisy, chatty thoughts of the mind.  The heart just waits silently, quietly prompting us to take the high road in making life decisions. Many times our mind is so loudly complaining that… Read More

Easy Tips For Physical And Mental De-Stress


Stop “trying” to eat healthfully START doing it 100%.  Why? because “trying” to do something can be stressful.  Feeling good and healthy is a large part of  “Living The Good Life”.  We learn about this when we aren’t feeling well.  Not eating well causes us to struggle mentally and physically. Eventually we will have to… Read More


Manifesting that which we desire requires a lot of TRUST and CONFIDENCE.  When we think that we are not receiving answers to our prayers or we don’t see results, it is not because we are not heard. God is not a Concierge! Walt in Breaking Bad TV series, felt that he was good at what… Read More

Healing Therapy

Pacific Morning

“Would you like to experience a spiritual visualization meditation”?  If so, then the following process is a good form of healing therapy. There is no cost or prescription required.  And it may help you to align with your life purpose. As you attune within, and indulge yourself often into this vortex of creation, clearing, and… Read More

Astrology 2012

Happy New Moon

Clarity through, Astrology 2012, for the purpose of awareness, in the here and now, can bring about positive changes. Once we become aware of what is going on in, through, and around us, we can see the bright side.  Astrology 2012, brings out how important “coming to awareness will be at this time, because it… Read More

A Better You

Summer Peace

There are some key steps that can give you advantage to reaching your desired goals in becoming ‘a better you’.  It’s all about how you relate to your own experiences.  Your emotions will make or break you.  So it’s sound advise to break the bounds and chains that have held you back.  It may seem… Read More

Psychic, Intuition, and Relationship Problems with Generational Curse

Crane in Flight

First thing to understand is that people are not always using their psychic abilities, in the most positive ways, and this can be misleading. Intuition is deeper than psychic interpretations.  Intuition comes from a much deeper knowing. This poses problems and can incur the perpetuation of a generational curse.  Generational curses are handed down from… Read More

Ride the Wave: Chinese Zodiac Year of the Water Dragon 2012

Chinese Dragon

The year of the Water Dragon is the symbol of the mighty majestic Chinese Dragon (Ren Chen).  Its energy is ‘ Yin” in nature which is masculine and the predominant color is Black.  From the void in the dark, (black) much is created.  The black in this case is not to be thought of as… Read More

Peace Is the Absence of Thoughts

Peace and Calm

When you meditate by quieting the mind, you are attempting to identify with your true nature, your Beingness, God.  Effortlessness comes by quieting the mind by releasing all wanting.  The basic wants that keeps the mind/ego going is the wanting of approval, wanting control, and wanting security/safety as well as resistance. Repeatedly saying the word… Read More

Earth Sky Meditation

Mediation of the Earth and Sky

Meditation of Heaven and Earth also called the Earth/Sky Meditation and the Unity Breath by Drunvalo “I was amazed at the simplicity of this meditation, and yet the power of the results. It changed my life.” -Drunvalo Melchezidek   Dear Students, Clients, and Friends: I want to share this great, loving, and helpful meditation with… Read More