Heart VS. The Mind

Photo by symphony of love

In all battles in situations regarding the heart vs. the mind, go with your heart! The heart doesn’t lower itself to the contradictory, noisy, chatty thoughts of the mind.  The heart just waits silently, quietly prompting us to take the high road in making life decisions. Many times our mind is so loudly complaining that… Read More

Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety is so prevalent today.  Life is full of stress, and our time for ourselves can be very limited with all our daily demands.  But let’s take a look at this in a different way. Your job can be an expression of who you are, but your job is not who you are…. Read More

Astrology July 29 – August 4, 2013

Astrology July 29-August 4, 2013 Astrology is a picture of the heavens and our energy relationship to the heavens, and the planets relationship of energy to us.  Everything is made up of energy and energy is our teacher.  This week begins with a powerful alignment of potent planets lining up. A six pointed star is… Read More


Create your best dreams and wishes

  Dreams Do Come True! To birth your dreams all they need is YOU!  Life’s a picture show waiting for you to believe; that your dreams are in waiting…to BURST forth, from inside of YOU.  So love being YOU to make your dreams come true. Be playful now, be free with your thoughts, share, be… Read More

Healing Therapy

Pacific Morning

“Would you like to experience a spiritual visualization meditation”?  If so, then the following process is a good form of healing therapy. There is no cost or prescription required.  And it may help you to align with your life purpose. As you attune within, and indulge yourself often into this vortex of creation, clearing, and… Read More