Clarifying To Transcend And To Transmute

peacefulness photoI’ve been asked questions to clarify the terms to transcend and to transmute and tips for applying them in your life?  These words hold different meaning yet they get used interchangeably.

Transmuting is a chemical change that takes place, a total change, a total chemical change that takes place in the body and you become a different person, a different being.

When you transcend something you go through it from one experience to the next. And transcendental work is when you go from one step to the next step, to the next step, to the next step.

But when something is transmuted there’s a complete alchemy, a total change into a totally different being.

Transcending is not taking an over-view about things.  Transcending is when you go from step to step. You go higher and higher. But transmuting is when you do it all at once.

What happens chemically in the transmutation process?   The brain chemical changes to begin with. The brain cells, they seem to all of a sudden take on a new reality and they become the total servant of the mind. They no longer have their programming. All the programming disappears. The eons of programming, the past, is dead. It becomes totally annihilated, and you become a new person, an expansive person.

Is this purely a chemical change?  It’s a chemical change in the beginning.  Is it both chemical and spiritual?  Really it’s the same thing. The brain surrenders to the mind, so-to-speak. The entire programming of the brain gives up to the mind…lets go.  All the circuits become unusable.  It also affects the body too.  There’s no substantialness to it at all.  Yes. It has no substance. That’s transmutation.

People have said to me, There are many times when I remember something, yet I don’t know if it happened yesterday, or if it happened twenty years ago, or if it happened many life times ago. But sometimes certain things come to me and I wonder where they came from. Everything becomes combined and becomes one.

Do you just ignore them when they arise? When they occur just watch them. Watch them going past? Be the witness to your thoughts.

One of the beatitudes says, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God,” If the heart is the center of the being, and if it’s pure, there are no contaminants in it, and the contaminants in the heart would be any thought, and if there’s no thought, at that point God can be experienced, and then we have to go into what that phrase “blessed are the pure in heart” means? It would mean pure consciousness, or Atman, or Brahman or whatever other word might be put to the ultimate reality.

Actually what the Beatitude means is when you are pure in heart you are one with God. You become the absolute reality.

I question. It would be nice…Except it’s already so!!  Is that not correct? It is correct!

People say, I have a hard time relating to this, but would the real Me be the Self? The real You is the Self! This is a truth. Which means it is unchangeable. It is a reality we can grasp and realize about ourselves.

Then how would you see me?  I would see you as energy and as part of the oneness of all things?  As spirit, as reality!

Something in me would have grasped you as the real person, as the real you within, which is myself. A person awakens, because you become what you saw. The Real Truth, seeing everyone as the God Within.

And that really changes the course of humanity…one person at a time to the tipping point!

‘The past, present and future are projected from the stateless quiet state, the transcendental. You start to witness what is going on, without getting hooked into the play, the drama of your life.  You begin to ask to whom do these thoughts come?  Then answer…they come to me.  Well who am I?  In asking and often re-asking these questions each day; we start to see the truth and the illusions of reality. I have a body, but I’m not my body, I’m not my thoughts, and I’m not my emotions. I am greater than these.  In the quiet state you can gain perspective and awareness about your life.

You  become the witness to your thoughts instead of reacting to your thoughts all the time. You start to see these thoughts as on a cinema screen and you’re not affected by all the daily negativity.  The goal is to center in the heart to gain peace, and in that quietness of heart, and from self inquiry, (to whom do these thoughts come); you can obtain the answers to make the correct moves for your life.

A heart guided approach is always superior to the minds answers to your questions. If you’ve been asking your mind for answers…and if your mind knew all the answers you seek, wouldn’t you have gotten the answers you been searching for by now?  In order to experience the Divine answers; which are inside of you, you have to be out of the realm of the mind…thinking, into consciousness, pure awareness.

It takes retraining, patience, and a desire to make the mind quiet.  But you are the boss of your mind!  You have forgotten that you are in charge…and you let the mind take over too often, when heart centered actions would give you the best outcomes with less stress.

The choice of transcending and transmuting comes to each of us. You have opportunities to leap forward no matter what’s going on in your life right now.

In Clarity,

Linda Crane

Photo by symphony of love

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