“Let Linda Crane show you the way!”

“Breaking the Family Curse is a DVD long, long overdue. Far too many people go through life suffering from intentional as well as unintentional curses placed upon them when they were young.

Some of these curses start out as simple statements that gain power over time. Others travel the family tree, over many generations. Leave it to the Master Healer and Intuitive, Linda Crane, to show you the way out of this mess, giving you power and freedom at a whole new level of being.”

Matt Furey
Tampa, FL

“Do not pass negative beliefs on to your children!”

“Breaking The Family Curse is an incredibly powerful and effective way to deal with negative and counter productive thoughts, habits, and traits we inherited and learned from our families. This DVD gives you powerful yet simple tools for recognizing and eliminating negative influences that are holding you back-and gives you positive ways to deal with-and overcome them.

The most important part of this training, in my opinion, is that in addition to improving your life-you insure that you do not pass on these negative beliefs to your children, and keep the curse intact for coming generations.

It’s time for all of us to break these old chains, and get a clean slate.”

Tony Chiappini
Fort Myers, FL

“I am on my way to healing!”

“Just wanted to let you know about the incredible impact this DVD has had on me. It’s been 19 years since I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

I have spent much time searching for answers-and found very few that made any difference. Your CD Honoring Spirit really showed me how to calm my mind, and that has had great impact. The guided meditations at the end of that really brought things together for me.

I have also been using the Bach Flower Remedies® that you are giving people bonus information on, and I can tell you that they have almost ended my anxiety and anger issues.

Thank you!”

Robert Groth
Age 38
Milwaukee, WI

“I would recommend Linda to anyone… and have!”

“When I first met with Linda Crane I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t sleep, I was experiencing headaches, backaches, and irritable bowel syndrome. I met Linda through my local Chamber of Commerce when she presented a seminar on Bach Flower Remedies®. She also touched on a number of other alternative therapies that I found fascinating-and I made an appointment to see her. Linda’s experience as a Crisis Counselor is evident from the moment you meet her, and that alone helped relieve some of my stress. She was quickly able to help me put many issues in perspective. In conjunction with the BFR she specially formulated for me I was able to see a difference in my life almost immediately, and those improvements have continued over time. At subsequent appointments I was able to articulate the changes in my behavior and my stress level. This new sense of awareness alone made my appointments with Linda invaluable.

Linda’s caring nature, counseling, and therapeutic practices have markedly improved my health and demeanor. I would recommend her to anyone-and have-including my daughter, my secretary, her son, and several other clients and associates who have had a crisis in their lives. They have all been extremely satisfied with the results of their treatment.”

Kathy Konst
Buffalo, NY

“Make it a point to gobble up everything Linda releases!”

“Thanks to Linda, I’ve healed my cracked feet, I’ve replenished my adrenal glands, and blown away the black energy that used to surround me, and keep me from business goals.

To think that a guy like me now believes in healing oils, Bach® Flowers, and demolishing curses is just unbelievable, but there you are. Linda can help you from no matter where she is in the world, and she cleared my house of negative energy from Hawaii. If you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels, or you’re stuck-you need Linda’s help. You’ll increase the positive forces in your life by leaps and bounds.”

Vince Palko
Age 36
Sylvania, OH

“No more negative energy in my home!”

“When I first moved into my house I had a strange feeling about it. It just didn’t feel quite right. I was a little uneasy in it. So I performed my usual routine of painting the walls, cleaning the carpets, scrubbing every last inch of the place. I do this for two reasons. One is to remove the filth and grime the people left behind. Two is to remove the energy the people left behind.

This ritual usually does the trick. I should know, I have moved every year for the last 10 years. Anyways, this time was different, after my cleaning ritual I could still sense some negative energy, mostly in the living room. I would wake up in the middle of the night and not want to walk through that room. I also had issues with my stereo system in that room. It would shut off randomly. I’ve never had problems with this stereo before.

One afternoon, I had my neighbors over and I was joking about the ghost in my house and telling them about the radio. They were getting a kick out of my story until the radio shut off. Of course, being the manly men that they are, they inspected every inch of the radio looking for a logical explanation. They came up short handed. No explanation. Later that same day while they were still hanging out I was playing a CD on the same stereo system. The CD played song 1, song 2, song 3, song 3, song 3, song 3. Interesting…nobody hit the repeat button. I was convinced this was my stinky living room ghost playing with my radio. I consulted a friend who has had similar problems in the past. He passed on his secret to clearing his house which came from Linda Crane.

A few nights later I woke up in the middle of the night and I could feel the negative energy at the foot of my bed. I was pissed. This damn thing was in my bedroom! I was not having that so I did what Linda Crane said to do. I’m very happy to report that since I did that one simple clearning technique I have not felt one ounce of negative energy in my home since that day. I’m also very happy to report that my stereo system has not shut off or repeated any songs since that day. Amazing!!! It’s been 5 weeks and still nothing. Thank you Linda!”

Sabrina Domenosky
Age 30
Whitefish Bay, WI

Dear Linda,

The Hawaiian bone washing technique that you did on me was amazing. You barely touched me, and yet I could feel the pain from past injuries and stuck energies that were still being held in my body. The release of this pain felt so good – like having a deep massage!

One area that bothered me was behind my ear. It made sense because I have had a lot of ear infections in my life. My ear wasn’t bothering me at all before you touched it, but when you did there was a mild sensation of pressure and dull pain (like an ear ache but very mild). I had no idea that I was still carrying that energy, but there it was!

With my eyes closed, I could see energy moving in white streaks vertically in my body. It felt like I was being energetically cleaned out from head to toe – a very relaxing healing experience!

I will have to try this one again!

Nancy Chan
Clarence, NY

Dear Linda,

It feels good to be part of this wonderful Earth. Thank you for being there and for helping me recognize myself.

All the best,

Emina T.
East Aurora, NY

Dear Linda,

I really enjoyed our iridology session together. It is fascinating how much health information is stored in the eyes – a person’s current health problems, problems from the past and potential problems in the future. Combining this with the muscle testing pinpointed exactly what supplements I needed to take for optimal health.

I like the fact that iridology tells what body organs or systems are under stress rather than just what ailments a person has. That way, since I knew my liver was under stress, I not only took supplements for it, but I changed my diet and lifestyle to help it become stronger as well (to head off any other potential liver problems BEFORE they occur). It’s like being able to look into a crystal ball to see my future health.

I think that all babies should have the iridology process done at birth so that the parents can know the physical strengths and weaknesses of their child. That way, they can know which family ailments the baby is predisposed to. When Mandy is a little less squirmy, I will bring her in for a session to see if she is predisposed to diabetes like her father’s side of the family. It is very comforting to know that I can take care of her in this way.

Thanks again,
Many blessings!

Nancy Chan
Clarence, NY

Hello, Linda,

I am absolutely loving my flower essence combination and I feel the Spirit of HO’OPONOPONO every waking moment.. and maybe while I sleep, too. I feel the refreshment of a new day, a freeing from old negative thought patterns and the restrictions of family ‘hang ups.’ If a negative thought comes in, I bless it, kiss it with forgiveness and it vanishes, for good.

I am getting back to business with my raw food making and music writing.. 2 rather energy intensive projects, and now I feel I have plenty of energy to produce the results I want!!

Thank you So much for your guidance, your intelligence and your friendship. Yippee!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Johanna Hurley
Tucson, AZ

Dear Linda,

Thank you again for the wonderful Reiki lessons. It feels so good to be able to send healing energy to myself, my family, my county and even the Earth. I can channel love and support to our new president, to help him be the best possible president he can be. I can channel Reiki to all of the warring countries in the Middle East and be a part of the peace process there, without even leaving my house. I can channel Reiki to all of the people in the US who are worried about money, or any other issue.

I channeled Reiki to my husband at work, and he came home and actually talked to me about what had been bothering him for a couple of days. My daughter Mandy sometimes asks me to channel Reiki to her when she is sick or has an upset stomach. Without fail, it always helps her to feel better (and to fall asleep at night). It feels so good to be able to help her anytime, whether we are together or not.

I have used the Reiki lessons to help out family members who are recovering from surgery (or to channel energy to them while they are in surgery). I channel Reiki to myself every night to improve sleep, digestion, to let go of any fears I might have. I have also used the lessons to help me with inner child work, to get through dentist appointments, and to send the energy to myself in the future to help me get through stressful events.

My friend’s dog was feeling terrible the other day. She had been throwing up off and on all through the day and she just looked awful. I channeled Reiki to her from across the room and she fell asleep for 2-3 hours. After that, she came over to me with doggie kisses and looked much better. The next time I saw my friend she said her dog was 90% better after the Reiki treatment!

Lastly, it was so wonderful to be able to help my Simon-cat before he passed away. He was in so much discomfort with his diabetes and diabetic issues (blindness, losing the ability to walk and bladder issues) and then he got an acute urinary tract infection. Despite all of that, I put him on my lap and channeled Reiki to him and…HE WAS PURRING! When we went to the vet the next day to have him put down, I stayed in the room and channeled Reiki to him the whole time so that he would know that I was there and not be afraid. Usually he is afraid to go to the vet, but this time he looked up at me and smacked his mouth at me to say he wanted snacks. I was laughing and crying at the same time.

Learning Reiki was fun. It was so nice that the class sizes were small so that I felt I had plenty of individual attention. The park was an ideal setting to practice the whole body movements. Sometimes I still like to practice them in my back yard in the summer. It helps me to be connected to nature and the Reiki energy at the same time. I also appreciate that you have continued to support me after taking the class, to answer questions that I have about Reiki or to hear experiences that I have had with it.

Peace, love and joy,

Nancy Chan
Clarence, NY

During the last year and six months, I moved back to the Buffalo area to begin a new life. I was in the process of divorce and decided to go back to college. Ready to seek guidance towards healing, a friend recommended my seeing Linda Cortese Crane. Through counseling, Reiki, and Bach Flower Remedy, Linda has helped me to make great changes in my life that can sometimes take many years. I look forward the time I spend with Linda because this time is a time of rest, comfort and self reflection. I have always felt more calm and self-directed after each appointment with Linda. Although I will always be in the process of personal growth, I feel my time with Linda has given me confidence in both my life. personal and professional I feel more at peace since I have developed a better sense of who I am and what I want for myself. I am a stronger person with more of a positive perspective. I have Linda Cortese Crane to thank for her care, gentle guidance and expertise.


– Catherine Appleton

Dear Linda

I wanted to tell you how helpful your counseling sessions have been for me. You have helped me to see that all of my conflicts with other people are really conflicts with myself, because everyone else is a mirror for what is inside of me. This is really great news, because that means that I am not a victim of anyone or anything! I am attracting everything into my life in order to heal myself, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

For example, you have helped me to understand my daughter Mandy’s moodiness (in part) is a reflection of my frustrations and feeling overwhelmed. Knowing that this is a problem, I can take a time out to take care of myself (send her in to watch TV for a bit) rather than blow up at her. Then when I am more settled, I can calmly discuss with her what her issue is really about. That doesn’t mean that I never get upset at her anymore, just that the intensity is not so much because I know that it is me that I am really angry with and not her.

You have also helped me to see that my husband and my relationship with him is a reflection of how I feel about myself and treat myself. He respects my boundaries as a person much more as I learn to define my own boundaries and respect myself.

Thank you for helping me to open my heart and release the sadness and anger that was stuffed there so that now there is room for love to grow-love for self and for others. Thank you for helping me to understand that I carried all of my parentsf hopes and dreams for me at many different levels and that in releasing those (with love), it is easier to create and manifest my own hopes and dreams. Thank you for showing me the influence that my other lives past, present, future have on this one and how everyone and everything is connected. I have the power to consciously create and manifest my dreams. And so it is, and so it is, and so it is!

Love and Light,

Nancy Chan
Clarence, NY

We now have a greater awareness of our ability to connect to a higher power. There is also a definite heightened understanding of how we are linked to others and our surroundings. This has resulted in us being much more grateful and tolerant of life’s complexities.


-Liz Buck and Felicia Kelsch

I have been suffering from depression most of my life. For 20 years I have been on and off a dozen drugs, and been to countless counselors. After 3 months of energy healing and Essences, I feel better than I have in 20 years.


– Pat Sulzbach

Linda has insight and clarity into my problem. Linda has knowledge and is very caring. She helped me with so much. I am 79 yrs old. I no longer use a cane or walker. I had carpal tunnel on both hands and arms. I wore braces to bed for a number of years. I experienced Energy Healing techniques, Flower Essences, Herbs and lridology with Linda. I can now walk about a mile each way on my own to shop and carry home small packages. People tell me all the time they would never know I had those problems.

– Angelina Oddo

I was performing as a dancer with a National Touring company. This was a dream come true for me. Shortly into the tour I had a horrible accident and ended up with a very serious knee injury. After seeing a surgeon I had discovered that I had completely severed 2 major ligaments as well as done a great deal of damage to the cartilage in my knee. This was an absolute nightmare for me. Not only was I in need of surgery, unable to dance or even walk, but I was unable to continue with the tour. I had scheduled my surgery as early as they could make it, with hopes that I would be able to return to the tour  when I had healed. My only hope of returning was to be recovered from my surgery in almost an unheard of amount of time. I was very depressed and doubtful that I would be able to return with my group or even worse, never be able to dance again.

This was when I hired Linda Cortese Crane with great hopes that she could help me achieve what the doctors were thinking was impossible.

After my surgery I was in an excruciating amount of pain and my depression began to deepen. Linda took note of the way I was feeling and gave me a number of different energy treatments. The first was a Bach Flower® Remedy. This was to aide with the trauma I had experienced. Then we continued with a series of different energy treatments. These included Reiki and Reconnective Healing. They not only felt very relaxing and comfortable, but actually healed the ligaments in my knee. I could feel the energy working through my body, relieving any discomfort and literally healing my knee. I experienced very little to no pain and had a very positive attitude as a result of the combination of the two treatments. I felt great.

When I went into physical therapy and to my follow up surgery appointments, the doctors could not believe how quickly I had recovered. I was the fastest recovery that they have ever seen from an injury of my kind. I began dancing again in no time. I very rarely experience any pain in my knee at all. It is as if nothing had ever happened.

I still continued to work with Linda after I was recovered from my knee injury. I meet with her on a regular basis to get advice about various herbs that I should be taking. She determines this through a process called iridology. This is where she looks into my eyes and according to the different spots or lines that she sees, she is able to tell what weaknesses there are in the entire body that need to be addressed.

I have also taken her Reiki I and II classes; to be able to help people in the wonderful way that she has helped me. Linda is such a blessing to be in my life and I am so thankful that she is able to work with me.

– Vanessa Gawinski

When I met Linda at a chromatherapy class it was one of those moments that you stop in your tracks. I remember our first handshake, an energy pass through my body from head to toe like I had never felt before. And that was just the beginning…

One day as I sat alone in my barn not knowing where to turn I received a call from Linda. At this time just a classmate I barely knew. She felt something was wrong and I explained my dilemma. I was on my second day of no sleep as I had been standing watch over a newborn foal and his dangerously distraught mother. This was Savannah’s second foal. Memories of her first foal and the tragic events of a barn fire at that time seemed to be affecting her once again. Linda offered to come out to help. I accepted for my own emotional support but could not see how a non-horse person could help a horse.

Little did I know Linda would be the ‘turning point’ for this mare’s emotional healing. Linda blended her Bach Flower Essences and added them to Savannah’s drinking water. Then proceeded to do some Reiki (energy work) on her and the entire barn area. I saw a relief ad softness come over Savannah’s face that I had not seen since before the fire. Then, another non-horse friend stopped by. He and Linda convinced me to rest while they watched over the mare and foal. Upon awakening, remembering the fear of this difficult situation I was amazed to see an entirely different picture…my beautiful Friesian mare calmly nurturing and loving her foal.

Life was good again. I could breathe. As time went on Linda continued her work with Savannah and I saw the mare I once knew coming back to who she once was. One by one as friends would stop by to visit, it was not just my wishful thinking as excitedly they would race to tell me, ‘Savannah’s back!’

Linda to me is a beautiful healer. She touched my horses’ lives in such a special and unique way for which I shall forever be grateful.

For myself, Linda introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils which bring me great relief that traditional meds with nasty side effects could not. Along with her energy work, Bach Flower Essences, Linda is an amazing, educated and intuitive healer. No wonder I felt that energy flow over into mine upon our first handshake – her cup runneth over!

Linda, my gratitude, heartfelt love, to you – forever.


– Lynne


Thank you for your wonderful Bach® Flower sessions together! I was very surprised at how quickly the Remedies worked. In only three days it felt like my daily stressors gently lifted from my shoulders and the world slowed down to a pace that I was comfortable with, but I know the only change that happened was within me.

I didn’t realize how overwhelmed and frustrated I was even just with daily life until I experienced NOT having those feelings for the first time that I can remember. It has TOTALLY changed the way that I interact with myself and everyone around me. Before having the Bach Flower Remedies® I would get angry with my daughter and husband. The anger was like a flash that was suddenly there and expressing itself through me before I had time to think or feel about it. Now when I get angry, I feel the anger rising up in my body. I have a couple of minutes to notice that I am getting angry, feel about what is really making me angry (usually not the trigger issue) and decide how to release it in an appropriate way away from family members. I can then return to discuss the trigger issue with them when I have found my center again.

I am also thankful for the Bach Flower Remedies® that you made for my three-year old daughter Mandy. Her temper tantrums reduced from an everyday occurrence to maybe 3-4 times a month. It really improved our relationship and helped her gentle, helpful, loving side to emerge. What a transformation!

Lastly, you were kind enough to make Bach Flower Remedies® for my cat Simon. Being old, he looked tired and depressed much of the time. He would just hide all day and sleep. After taking the Remedies he was back to his snuggly sunbathing self in just a few days! It was also very convenient that I didn’t need to bring Simon and Mandy to the sessions – just a list of what was happening and how they were feeling.

Thank you so much!

I also wanted to say that your calm and peaceful energy made it very easy for me to openly discuss all aspects of my life. With your trusting and confidential manner; you helped me to feel the emotions behind the issues in my life without judgment so that they could be released through the use of Bach Flower Remedies® that you made for me.

Peace, love and Joy!

Nancy Chan
Clarence, NY


When I first came in contact with Linda Cortese Crane it was on the recommendation of a friend. I was experiencing difficulties in my life and in my work and I felt a need to gain insight as well as healing for myself.

It was almost a year ago and I was working with a population of adolescent substance abusers in a residential setting in West Seneca NY. It was an emotionally taxing profession to say the least. In addition to this I was working two other jobs because of the joy they gave me, at least that was what I told myself In reality I was overworking myself because I was afraid of what would happen if I slowed down. The result of the stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, and constant anxiety was that I had little energy, I was gaining weight, I was beginning to hate my job and my personal stress was beginning to be noticed by my clients. I originally went to see Linda because of pain I was having in my hip I was unsure what the cause was and had no clue that it may have been effected by the stress in my life.

Our first meeting was inspiring. I was a bit skeptical about the treatments I was going to experience Reki, Bach flower, energy healing. I received my degree in psychology and like many of my contemporaries I thought I knew all there was to know about healing the mind. I was about to learn that I was right, I did know, I just wasn’t allowing myself to use it.

Linda and I sat down and at first I behaved like a patient in a doctors office, telling her where it hurt. As I was describing this to her she was making notes and asking me what I did for a living, what got me into the field, if I still felt the same about my job as I did when I began. Before I knew it I was having a session with her. After our discussion she explained some of the therapies she would be using with me explaining the history and the how’s and whys of Bach flower and Reki. In my mind I had reservations, I could clearly see she was a skilled therapist but I was unsure of flower extracts and divine light.

She mixed me a bottle of the Bach and told me how and when to take it. She then had me relax on the table and preformed Reki on me, focusing on the areas that hurt. I left the session with mixed emotions but followed my instruction to the letter. That night when I got home I took a bath and began reading a book she had suggested. I felt a great deal of discomfort in my hip not pain but the discomfort that comes from a deep massage. I got out of the tub and went to bed. In the morning my hip was sore but not anywhere near how sore it had been. My energy was up and I felt ready for my day. I took the supplement she had given me and went to work with a sense of peace. I remember that when I left her office I was in a rush to get to my next appointment and she said “Don’t worry you’ll get there” Simple words that became my mantra for living.

Linda not only helped with my diet, bad hip and low energy she helped me find the love in my work again, helped me give up some of the distractions in my life and focus on the things that were and are truly meaningful in my life. I still take Bach flower remedies and practice Reki myself having taken classes with Linda on the subject. I see how these practices fit and assist any counselor working with others and encourage my colleagues to seek out these treatments as alternatives to the sterile and often unfeeling treatments we of the HMG age have grown accustomed to. I am a firm believer in the treatments Linda provides and a staunch supporter of her as a practitioner. She provides the type of healing so many people need and deserve.


– Steven Dawson

Linda Cortese Crane has made a marked difference in my path of life. She truly has become my Life Guide. Addressing personal problems too numerous to state, I have begun to work through my feelings of anger, grief hopelessness…

I would have never dreamed to find such a gifted individual as Linda Cortese Crane, who using a wide array of Healing Arts has helped me to regain my life. Relaxology/Hypnosis has allowed me to sleep peacefully through the night. Back Flower Remedies have allowed me to see clearly and regain my prospective. Counseling has brought forth issues I had feared to even admit to myself.

The Kinesis/muscle testing and Herbal Consultation sessions that Linda provides have been a very successful part in my health makeover. By taking the correct nutrition supplements I have the energy to exercise and my weight is improving. My self-esteem has improved l00%.

I truly feel that I am experiencing a new beginning as I approach my midlife and the best is yet to come!

Thank you Linda.

-Marie A. Taber
Cheektowaga, New York

My name is Michael Heidinger I am 24 years of age, and before I started to work with Linda Cortese Crane I felt like I could not even cope with the every day things that most of us have to endure. The pressure and pain I was feeling was simply unberable. Iwas overwhelmed by the feeling that there was no where or no one to turn to, I completely felt like I was alone. Linda was very open to what I had to say. She was non judgemental and and made me feel very comfortable. Alter just one session with Linda it felt like I had just opened up a door that has been locked for years. The only thing I can say is that it was the best I had felt in years. It is such a good release to get things out and the combination of talking with Linda, the remedies she suggests andthe reiki was a whole new world that I had been searching for. After every visit with Linda I feel so relaxed and free, and more focused on whats important in my life and most importantly you dont feel so alone.

– Michael Heidinger


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your gifts of teaching and healing during Reiki I, on thursday. I learned so much and excited to begin practicing it! I enjoy the camaraderie and openness I felt during the day. I am a ‘sponge’ it seems and I ‘desire’ to grow in every way I can. I spend a great deal of time alone and long to get more involved with people of like minds..or kindred spirits. It was a healing for me on so many levels!

Have a wonderful day and I look forward to participating in your book study on “Conversations with God” and Reiki II.

Blessings and love are sent to you always,

– Mary Caroline Janicki

I am Linda’s Mother. I wanted to let others know what she has done for me. I’m a good supporter of her work, as well as good advertisement. I have great confidence in her and her work. I worked with Linda for a short time with remarkable results. I moved to Buffalo with many problems at the age 76.

I’ve lived in Kissimmee Florida for 20 years, and while I was there I had arthritis, pains in my hands and fingers, Fibromyalgia, lower back pain, leg and neck pains. I had pains all the time, which caused me lots of loss of sleep. I finally had to have a cane, but that wasn’t enough. My doctor ordered a walker for me which helped a lot more.

Also, I had carpal tunnel on both hands and arms. I wore braces on both hands and wore braces to bed for a number of years. I had recurring styes in my eyes. I have experienced various Energy Healing Techniques, Bach Flower Essences, Herbs and Iridology with Linda.

After I moved to Buffalo, New York in the year 2000, I had all this healing work done on me, and Linda was my guardian angel. She has insight and clarity into my problems. Linda has knowledge and is very caring. She helped me with so much. I no longer use a cane or walker, and I can walk to church and the stores in my local area by myself. I can walk about a mile each way on my own to shop and carry home small packages. Just feeling like a new person! My results have been permanent ever since then. This year I will be 80 years old.

In less than 2 months I was a great deal better, and now I feel great! I wanted to let other people know how great I’m feeling, whom I can only reach by letter, so they also can be helped. People tell me all the time I look so much younger than I am, and would never know I had those problems. I always knew about Linda’s work, but I had first hand opportunity to experience it. I’m very grateful and thank God for everything.

– Angelina Cortese

To Whom It May Concern:

My professional relationship with Linda Cortese Crane began in 2002, when she counseled with me over stress related issues.

I am married with a college-aged daughter, in an executive position that requires wearing many hats. My concentration ability had deteriorated. I could not get a good night sleep. I was experiencing physical ailments such as headaches, backaches and irritable bowel syndrome.

Linda is a member of my Chamber and had presented a seminar about Bach Flower remedies to our Women’s Committee. She also touched on other alternative type therapy treatments, which I found fascinating, so I made an appointment to see her.

We talked (her experience as a Crisis Counselor is self-evident) and that alone helped relieve much of my stress. She was able to help me put many things in perspective.

In conjunction with the Bach Flower remedies specially formulated for the specific emotional issues I had, I was able to see a difference in my daily life – almost immediately. I have seen significant improvement over time with many stress and organizational issues disappearing.

At my very next appointment, I was able to articulate the changes in my behavior and my stress level. This awareness alone, made my appointments with Linda invaluable.

At future sessions we dealt with energy work, which also resulted in giving me calmness and a sense of well-being.

Just recently, I suffered a back injury and went to a member chiropractor. I left with my lower- back being a bit better, but with a new worsened neck problem… .so I went to Linda for real relief. I am much better, again, thanks to her.

In combination, Linda’s caring nature, counseling, and therapeutic practices have given me marked improvement in my health and my demeanor.

I would recommend her to anyone – and have – to my daughter, my secretary and her son, and several other Chamber members with various crises in their lives. They have all been very satisfied with the results of their treatment.

– Kathy Konst

I have off and on over the years been telling Jack about how bad aspartame and Nutra-sweet are (since he drinks a lot of diet pop).  Yesterday he asked me if I thought that diet pop was really worse for him then regular pop.  When I said “yes, although it would be better if you didn’t drink either” he said he would switch back to regular pop.  Although this is just a very small change/ improvement, this is the first time that he has decided to make ANY permanent change for his health. I have to think that his willingness to change must be related to the Hoponopono work we did releasing his family issues yesterday.  So thanks again.

– Nancy

Linda Crane was in the Netherlands at the time when this occurred.

We’ve also been thinking about you and actually talking about you. Jojo, Allison and I, just this past Sunday, were reliving our experience during our energy healing. Allison was saying how relieved and energized she was after her session. We were wondering if you have moved or still in Buffalo and Allison was asking if we were going to see you again. It was a surprise when I got your voice mail. We did not see you but heard from you. How about that? When I got home yesterday, I asked Allison to guess who had called me. She immediately blurted out your name.
-Betty Bautista

I waited a bit to email so I could include how Avarose (5 months old) felt after her immunization shots. First of all, I really want to thank you for the clearing that you did at her doctors’ office and with Avarose. Sometimes when I go to a doctor’s office I feel sick (even if I wasn’t already, and even if I am not the patient). My gut feels all twisted inside which is sometimes accompanied by mild nausea. I never thought about an office having residual negative emotion in it, but maybe I absorb it up to some extent too.

When we went to the doctor’s office, the “atmosphere” felt so much lighter and very energetically clean. I didn’t get my usual sick/nervous feeling like I normally do. Avarose was a completely different baby. She didn’t fuss at all and was happily looking around the room. I sat in front of her carrier on the floor and held her hands. I felt peace flow through them and she calmed me down. 🙂

We went back to the room to get the shots and Avarose laid calmly on the cot allowing the nurse to administer the two shots. She didn’t react to either shot in any way except one small cry of protest a few seconds after the second one. The nurse said that she had never seen a baby more calm than Avarose was. I think from the way Avarose had screamed at previous appointments (in which she did not receive a shot) the nurse was dreading her reaction- she said a polite comment along those lines.

So far today she seems OK. Anyway, thanks again for your help with the long distance clearing work you did in our pediatricians office, and your healing work with the situation and for Avarose .

-Nancy Chan

Dear Linda,
Thank you for the advice. I am completing my 9th day today and I feel so much better than I did a week ago. A week ago, I was full of dread, now I have a positive outlook and feel like I can accomplish/ handle anything. Thank you again for having this program “Breaking The Family Curse” available. I appreciate More than word can express.

-Mandy C.
Hudson, Wisconsin