Disappointment and Frustration

sadness photoOur external life is highly complex, and an important part of our external life, is a reflection of our inner programming and ancestral family patterns. So I ask you,”who’s running the show of your life?”   Depression, disillusionment, disappointment and frustration? I’m not referring to your parents, partner, children or teachers. I’m talking about YOU.

Your best course of action with these issues is to release your deep-seated inner programs that are causing havoc and stopping your progress big time. Most of us have this because we all have generational family patterns. Healing starts from the inside out! It always has been that way. We are just beginning to recognize that fact. From my point of view healing is an inside job, and what manifests is brought up and out to the surface from within us.

When we experience lack of love, or money in our life it is a reflection back to us of some program we caught deep deep inside ourselves that’s running the show. We act like we’re on autopilot until we delete the programs…not just from our computer banks, but we must also hit the delete button for the trash as well…to finally free ourselves from repeating the draining, non-productive parts of our lives. This cycle when not deleted proves to be a detriment with being in alignment with making our life a success. There are some health related issues that are a source of these problems as well. Happiness is hard to achieve and thwarted when we live from these unconscious overpowering behaviors and actions.

We therefore have a choice before us…We can attempt to change our life by changing our outer circumstances and situations. OR…we can go to the causal source of that bottom line program(s), and release the program that keeps presenting to you the picture of your outer experience that you really want to remove or change.

What’s better?
Trying to manage and control our external circumstances and situations is what most people do.
But as you probably know already – it takes a lot of effort, stress and energy to make changes in the “external” world. And even if we do manage to make some changes – we often find the ‘real’ underlying problem is still there (only the life scenery has changed; not the vehicle we’re traveling in).

There’s an easier more permanent way to make changes in the “external” world. The way is to go to the point where it was created in the first place, the causal point, and release the programs within that are manifesting the experiences which we want to change.

Releasing the programs is like taking a movie film out the projector on the screen of life, and replacing that old worn out movie with a different new and life-enhancing movie. As you replace the old programs being projected on your movie screen; you will experience a different life played out on the screen of our life.

The fastest and easiest way to release all the suppressed (hidden) programs you hold in your mind body and etheric energy field is through: a consistent releasing process and energy healing work from ancestral history patterns.

I offer you a different way to quickly and effectively release (clear away) the subconscious programs preventing you from living the life you really want to be living. Many of these hidden programs have been with you for many family generations passed. These programs have been stored in your DNA as programs repeating in your subconscious mind. We are now ready in our evolutionary history to remove and allow these ties to heal consciously. We have woken up to the fact that we don’t have to hold these burdens any longer. This work can also clear these problems from your family lineage as well.

You can release these patterns by clearing the ancestral family lines. Through specific prayer work, emotional energy healing, and Self-Identity through Ho’oponopono you can open the door to a new present and future for yourself and your family.

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Opening the flood gates to a happier life,


Linda Crane


Photo by Clint Catalyst

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