Easy Tips For Physical And Mental De-Stress

Stop “trying” to eat healthfully START doing it 100%.  Why? because “trying” to do something can be stressful.  Feeling good and healthy is a large part of  “Living The Good Life”.  We learn about this when we aren’t feeling well.  Not eating well causes us to struggle mentally and physically. Eventually we will have to get more creative to regain what we may lose from less healthy habits. This can cause that emotional roller-coaster which produces fatigue and feeling drained from those highs and low’s. By choosing more healthy foods to keep your life on a better even track,  you can meet challenges in your daily life more “easily and stress free” to accomplish your goals.  Less stress and more peaceful living is of great value for experiencing more happiness each day.

“Easy Tips” for Physical and Mental De-Stress Each Day.

On the physical health side: It’s known that we are products of our environment, our thoughts and our habits.  “Think a thought, sow an act…Sow an act, reap the habit,…Sow the habit, reap the character,… Sow the character, reap the destiny.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

I like Dr. Joel Fuhrman M.D. and agree with what he says about eating nutritiously for health:

“This will take strength and effort, but the pleasure and rewards will be priceless”!

1.  “Go Cruciferous“!   Cruciferous vegetables are your best defense for fighting cancer!                     Examples: broccoli, cauliflower, kale, brussel sprouts, cabbage, bok choy, arugula, collard greens, daikon, mustard greens, kohlrabi, radishes, rutabaga, turnips, watercress.

2.  Salad is the main dish – and the secret to successful weight control and a long healthy life.

3.  Low-nutrient foods fuel overeating behavior – “Flood Your Cells With Nutrients”!

4.  Eat For Health…put an end to type II diabetes or heart disease – and get off medications!             Dr. Joel Fuhrman M.D.

For Mental De-Stressing:

Take a “5 Minute Fix of silence and quiet” to enhance your mental focus and happiness. Give your brain a chance to be off duty…by inviting more quiet into your busy life. This will assist you in being more productive while making healthier decisions.

If you lose those moments to de-stress then you also lose the chance to process and integrate things you have learned… heard… and done.  Helpful ideas show up when you turn off the noise.  Many people get good insights when taking a bath or while taking a shower without any distractions.

You’ll discover as I did that without distractions; you will have more space to think, relax, brainstorm, and enhance your ability to move toward achieving those things that make you feel happy.

The Following Points Are Helpful For Me:

1. Turn down the volume and stop living with chronic noise.

These are some small changes that give my brain the opportunity to focus and reflect, so I can make healthier decisions. When we turn down the volume we can tune into another person and experience a connection in a relationship that we can’t get from a life awash with noise, chatter, and distractions.

2. Take regular breaks from social media just 5 minutes at a time helps to allow more quiet time into my life. This helps me to be calmer and more energetic.

Constant noise around us adds to the rise of blood pressure and it affects how well we remember things too.  Studies on quiet and the brain show that in a noisy environment (ex: a crowded restaurant) affect short term memory in that it becomes overloaded, because the brain circuitry that processes recall and speech is the same one that handles noise.  Ever notice that when you are driving and you become lost you’re likely to turn down the volume on the radio?  That’s because when it’s noisy in your environment it’s tougher to concentrate and find your way.  It works the same way for trying to find your way in life…when there are too many distractions it’s harder to focus, plan properly, and delays occur for coming up with the right solutions.

If you are usually distracted by TV, background noise, or a vibrating cell phone, you miss out on your brain being off duty.  Usually when my brain is quiet I come up with those great hunches. When your brain is constantly going it is much harder to process what you have learned,  you are less attentive to what you have heard, what you have done, and your recall is not as sharp.

3. When less distracted and less stressed you’re more likely to keep up positive habits.  Here are a few ways to invest in calmness:

When you are first driving out in your car wait 5 minutes before turning on the radio.

Instead of flipping on the TV right away you can choose what to read by getting your news on line.  It’s better than being forced to process all the days distressing range of stories to watch and fear.

The following has never failed me for decades.  This is my knowing that has become my personal program so I don’t have to tune into the media hype all the time.  You may want to try my approach.  Be positive and consistent with this for it to work for you as well.

I just know and believe,  that I will find out everything I need to know… at just the right time I need to know it…and will be able to do whatever I have to do… with plenty of time to do it.

4.  Set Boundaries for yourself.  Example: Refrain from checking your phone during meals.  You’ll digest your food much better.  Without constant threats of interruptions your more inclined to do something productive for your brain like daydream to invent design your present and future. 

5. Meditate which is about quieting the mind and helps you to get inspired.  In order to have new fresh ideas come to you…give your mind calm quiet moments.  Take deep…relaxing…slow…belly breathes in through your nose…and out through your mouth…to experience calmness, and feel more centered. This will enhance your health and focus.

And when you are eating foods packed with nutrients, and include the mental habits to achieve happiness and calm; you’ll become more inspired and productive. Your brain will love it too.

Life’s small moments can only add up to something more meaningful when you give yourself the chance to reflect on them!

For a Freee Meditation “Relaxation Process”: Visit my homepage at: www.LindaCrane.com

With Peaceful Blessings,

Linda Crane


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    Do you know of anyone trustworthy in South Africa that can help me in person. Thank you.

    • Linda Crane says:

      Hi Amanda: Thank you for your email. I do not know anyone in South Africa that can help you in person. I would be willing to have a video phone session with you. I do these sessions all over the globe by phone or video skype. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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