Healing Therapy

“Would you like to experience a spiritual visualization meditation”?  If so, then the following process is a good form of healing therapy. There is no cost or prescription required.  And it may help you to align with your life purpose.

As you attune within, and indulge yourself often into this vortex of creation, clearing, and plenty, its healing therapy, and vibratory frequency will shift you into a positive direction and raise your level of consciousness.

To familiarize yourself with each point of this energizing meditation; it’s best to go through the entire post before beginning. 

We can get out of balance so easily each day. In this meditation you will become acquainted with a large 6 pointed star that generates an extremely, intense bright blue/white Light. It is intense in vibrant color, but not in heat. In fact, it’s very comfortable and inviting to be in its presence. The creation meditation that you are about to explore is an easy, fast, and potent process for realigning positive experiences back into your life! And this happens naturally as you work with this healing therapy.  As you continue doing this fresh, invigorating, clearing process, this vortex of creative plenty will continue to be a blessing in your life.

It’s recommended that you allow yourself a few minutes for each part of this clearing meditation.  To see results; it’s best to be in a quiet place where you feel comfortable without distractions, in a comfy chair, or propped up on your bed, so not to fall asleep. Your intention is to stay awake, be accepting, and to do the meditation for 5-10 minutes. That’s all that is required.

FYI: Power is built up doing the visualization over days. My suggestion, and what has worked for others, is that you give it your good try for at least 9 days. Why 9 days?  The number 9 holds within it the vibrations of accessing information and wisdom, through to completion, from meditation, going within, and receiving guidance towards your desires and goals.

A by product of doing this meditation for some people has been a diminishing feeling of impatience as a result of doing this process. There’s no time limit on how long you can work with this visualization meditation. In a month you could have a new dynamic set in your life.  The sales advertisement jingle for winning the lottery comes to mind.  It states the phrase, “you have to be in it to win it”.  The same holds true about receiving results from this meditation.  It’s your choice to put some energy into doing the process.

Note: Respect yourself by not doing this visualization while working, driving, reading, watching t.v., or playing heavy loud music. No subliminal music during the meditation please. None of these is beneficial for your outcomes while in this visualization process. In some cases soft instrumental background music is acceptable, if necessary.  Sacred energies do best on your behalf, when you give them your attention.

Healing Therapy Meditation

Let’s begin by reading on, and stating to yourself or out loud: ‘I am now ready to receive a divine clearing of energetic transformation on every level of my being. I ask that this healing be for me, that I am safe, and this is for my high good. May I live my divine purpose.  And So It Is’!

You begin this meditation by engaging your senses that are just right for you: by imagining, visualizing, sensing, feeling, or just allowing yourself to know, that a bright, large, 6 pointed star is spinning at the top of your head.  This star is now becoming a vortex of a very bright bluish/white Light. This vortex spins in just the perfect direction for your particular needs after it enters through the top of your head and then through your energy systemsYou may notice that this vortex may change direction after awhile from that point, as it moves through your energy fields. Sometimes it spins in a circular motion to the left and somethings is spins to the right.

Imagine that this great power of Light is in the shape of a vacuum funnel moving in a counter clockwise direction down through the top of your head and travels into every cell, tissue, muscle, organ, sinew, and space within your entire body.  As you allow this Light in,  it becomes part of your being as it merges with you in this clearing spiritual meditation.

Now start to become aware of a spiraling dazzling blue/white Light vortex of energy that is moving slowly through your mind. It’s presence is extremely comfortable, potent and nurturing, and it surrounds you.  Allow this moment to be just for you. It’s simple, and without any rushing….just be there in the embrace of this beautiful Light.

As this spiraling vortex energy of love completely engulfs you for a few moments with it’s healing essence, the Light gracefully moves through your emotions, bringing with it calmness and peace; while at the same time it releases your stress and pent up emotions.

Now just bathe in that lush, soft, and potent energy vortex.  It feel so freeing. It feels so good. You may feel as if it’s almost too good to move on from this abundant, powerful, gentle, and healthy place. So stay a while longer if you wish! 

This energy vortex will know just the right moment to move forward into its next destination; which is, whatever area in your life that you are experiencing problems right now. You don’t have to know all the details. Allow it to help you.  This is your time…so rest into this loving healing therapy.

This energy vortex of sparkling blue/white Light is all wise and it knows how to assist you.  Imagine that your blue/white Light is very perceptive and has the answers for your next steps, the next directions for you to make progress in your life. This blue/white Light carries foresight and wisdom.  It is your guiding energy for whenever you call it forth, and just relax in it, to help you with its gifts. 

This Light encompasses all healing vibrations of just the perfect energies that you require.

Welcome forth the strength of this healing energy now, in the same way you would ‘welcome your favorite celebrity’!

Invite it to now move through your energy field, to move freely around your physical body, releasing, dissolving, and clearing up all that has been negatively affecting you. This tremendous vibration of energy has your best interests in mind and heart. It’s purpose is to unleash and bring forth your good will and blessings.

The “powerful star vortex” has a stillness and calmness about it that is all its own. It absorbs and cleans like a vacuum for you; as it now pulls out, and dissolves the mental, emotional, and/or physical pain you have encountered.  It dissolves tension, frustration, and problems from the lower negative vibrational frequencies that have been held within and around you.

Now visualize, or meditate by seeing, knowing, and feeling that the debris in your mind/body and life are now being ‘loosened and swept up’ through this vortex vacuum, (its energy has a similar look of a funnel tornado), sucking up into the vortex your negative, unwanted energies into the clearing blue/white Light. Yes!!!  It feels really good to now bloom, expand, and breathe!

Your work is to enjoy relax and let go into this blue/white vortex of Light. State to yourself that you request these spiritual healing energies, and that you are accepting the positive good that is working through you now. Take a few minutes to enjoy this experience! 

Receive the Grace, and Love that you have activated from these higher frequencies of Divine Abundance, Well-Being, Truth, Trust, and Peace stirring now within you.  Sense your feelings!

You will know when this vacuum of blue/white Light has finished its clearing for you. Trust this process as it moves through you. You may feel lighter, like a weight has lifted from you, or you can have a multitude of different experiences unique to only you through this clearing.

Before this meditation comes to its close; imagine that these plentiful good energies from within you, are being shared, and absorbed, down into the Earth from the soles of your feet. This assists you in grounding yourself back with Mother Earth.

Upon completion of this meditation, you will have the impression or idea that this clearing process is completed for the day. Now take a few moments to slowly bring your attention back into your space and body.  It’s important to take a few steps, and walk about after this experience to center yourself. Stretch and move your body. It’s a good ideas to take notes afterwards on how you felt and what you experienced. Each time you do this meditation you may receive a bunch of different information.  Taking some notes is helpful to recall your journey. It’s interesting what you may find. Enjoy your day!

Further comments on this visualization meditation:

Life does not have to become continually difficult. The meditation is simple and straight forward.  This clearing beautiful blue/white star vortex of Light, holds the qualities of truth, and freedom that comes forth from the Divine Creator/God.  It will instill within yourself, a higher vibrational healing frequency.  This will assist you in eliminating health issues. This is a healthy adjunct while working with your physician.

We all have the power to open, deepen, and sharpen, our unique inherent abilities to work within us for self empowerment, and to get assistance when needed. As a race of humans beings we experience greater awareness to enhance our potential. We are more in touch with our abilities to open and access more advanced energy frequencies then in our past history to transform our dross into light.

By absorbing, and allowing the vibrational essence of this 6 pointed star vortex of blue/white Light energies into your being; it equates to giving a gift to yourself.  This generous, loving, warm, caring, healing vibration will clear away, and depart from your energetic system; the self sabotage, and outworn patterns of behavior.

These fabulous energies for healing good, allows you to step forward to greater tangible awareness for your life’s vision. (This is about that vision you were not able to make tangible before).

Repressive energies occurred because of feeling stuck, a lack of your heart being opened to the proper degree, lack of acceptance of yourself completely, lack of awareness, requiring better understanding, judgmental attitudes, and lack of self-forgiveness of what has been present.

The lack that plagues your life can be better understood by its characteristics likened to that of dark thick grime on windows. That film is the toxic energies, of worry, doubt, fear, anger, jealousy, guilt, blame, pride, grief, and lack of confidence and self trust.

This visualization clearing will enhance greater harmony into your life.  Once you have your vision, a blueprint in place, you can begin to bring your abilities forward and the pieces will form into your life much easier. Everything moves forward from one small step at a time.

The 6 pointed star meditation, is a “sacred spiritual tool” that I experienced while being inspired and guided from the Divine Creator. With every new journey you are always given the means to meet and prosper from the challenges. Particularly now with the financial, economic, environmental, and political shifts happening in our world, as well as, those  shifts within your personal world; you are to claim your heritage of happiness and abundance.

There has now come into this earth plane a new evolutionary cycle that began on December 21, 2012. Now it has taken hold and is underway in 2013. Your growth, our Country’s growth, and planet Earth’s evolutionary development has new choices before us. Do you like the choices that are before you?  If not, this healing therapy will assist you to change them.

Here are some shared responses from doing this healing therapy meditation:

  • I can get through my day much better. I’m more aware as to what is to be done, and I’m following through to a greater degree
  • I now experience less anxious feelings
  • I feel more sturdy within myself, less nervous
  • I am less critical and self demanding, and I’m responding more with the flow of life
  • I feel more personal satisfaction and appreciation within myself
  • My business increased substantially this month
  • I’m more peaceful and determined to acquire solutions to eliminate financial problems
  • I received a great answer to a problem that I couldn’t figure out before
  • I found out my best next step to take, at this particular time
  • I received my long desired great boost forward to achieve my goals
  • I have less drama in my life
  • Depression has lifted
  • I feel more authentic and self appreciation within myself
  • I have greater clarity on my life purpose/direction
  • I have more certainty in decision making and acting on opportunities
  • I am more positive and acting from I have, instead of I lack, type mentality.
  • My personal relationship evened out, and my friendships got better.
  • Troublesome people stopped bothering me.
  • I am more focused throughout the day and at work
  • I feel happy for no reason.
  • I have more energy throughout my body
  • Many were thankful for this opportunity
  • My pets are responding to me more positively and want to be around me more often        (Pets have emotions too!)

So Be It.  Have Plenty!

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With love for a great meditation, and blessings,

Linda Crane







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