Holding Yourself Back

Maybe you have some goals that have never been realized that you are longing to be experienced? Or maybe your inner core strength needs a boost?  Whatever it may be…there are goals that want to come alive, be expressed, and for the joy of it all…wants to see what possible effects these goals can create in your life. They could lead you to so many happy choices that are not in your life right now from your present vantage point.

choices photoWhat does holding yourself back look like?? 

Fearful, Uncertain, Uptight, Fake, and Boring.

What does being unleashed look like??

Confident, Irresistible, Exciting, Powerful and attractive.

Your new mantra can be if you choose to take on this mission…I am good enough, I am smart enough, and people like me, and I’m becoming the courageous leader I was meant to be…more and more each day.

My advanced proven system of energy healing to create new fulfilling pathways for living and enhancing your goals is: simple, creative, and dynamic. In a place of safety and comfort we will work together with what you most want to shift, and re-create.

  • Your story becomes who you think you are.
  • Over time your patterns become your story.
  • Over time your story becomes your destiny.

You have the ability to ‘decide’ you would like a change and create a more fulfilling life.

To experience these blessings in your life visit me at: www.lindacrane.com.                                             Email: Linda@LindaCrane.com.  Set up your special appointment today!

Experience your purpose and your Soul’s design.

Blessings, Linda Crane

Photo by wwward0

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