Self-I-Dentity-Through Ho’oponopono

Self-I-Dentity through Ho‘oponopono is one of my favorite healing and cleaning techniques!

Individual Sessions: $150 per session 60 Min.
Corporate, Business Rates:  (Contact Inner Gold LLC. for details)

The ancient healing art of Ho‘oponopono is a unique, and highly effective Hawaiian practice of problem solving. We become peaceful no matter what is going on around us.

It aligns us with the understanding that the problems in our lives are with ourselves not someone else. With this ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness we take 100% responsibility for what has occurred in our life without blame.  Because we take 100% responsibility we are able to heal the problems. There is no need to blame yourself for problems – just know that problems you experience are there for you to resolve.

While taking responsibility for our actions Ho‘oponopono clears away fear, guilt, blame.  We clean away the memories replaying in our lives that bring about our troubles. We become much more effective with renewed energy, and clarity in healing our life’s problems.

This is a very simple yet very profound and effective healing process.  Ho‘oponopono gives you the tools to clear recent, as well as, deep-seated problems with family, relatives, and ancestors, as well as, life’s pressing issues.

Ho‘oponopono works wonders with corporation issues, business problem solving, financial disputes and productivity, and clearing the land energetically.

Ho‘oponopono has brought remarkable success when working with personal clients as well as business relationships and prosperity.