Making Decisions

The Power of your Soul is in your everyday movements.  The best choice in making decisions is to make your choice creatively and with compassion.  That doesn’t mean you are making yourself the doormat of another person.  You can state your truth as you see it, and let it be from your heart understanding on the matter.

Sometimes stating your heart felt truth is confronting for people. They may or may not accept your new ways of approaching the matter at hand. The right intention would be for the best outcome of all concerned without attempting to get back at, or get even with, anyone.  With being sincere and choosing peace; you can allow whatever occurs to be okay with YOU and accept the outcome. This will resolve the situation within yourself.  Peaceful resolution returns to you with this type of action.

Another choice would be to act out of anger and force your will. Fears have plagued all of us for generations. Many of our ancestors came to America for new possibilities and to stop their oppression.  It’s time to release the oppression we have held, and that we have felt within ourselves from generations of our ancestral history.

Think of everything as lines of possibilities.  Pull your “Light” out of the old ways of acting, old lines of thinking, and into new ways of seeing and being.  “Fear doesn’t get us anywhere.”  Old programs within us are at play here when the fears get stirred up.  We have the option of asking what am I afraid of, and what is it that makes me act out this way? Did my ancestors act this way? Have I been running on these old outdated patterns of action?

A new possibility would be to take charge of your feelings. We are all being asked to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions. Responsibility returns power back to you. Responsibility does not mean blame. It does mean you have the power to change the situation.  It’s also time to grow and align a deeper connection within oneself. Act in ways that allow you to connect within that are nurturing, fulfilling, and that will support you. Look for answers on ways that can free yourself from fear. That will enhance your life.

Many of our fears come from patterns that have been with us for thousands of years and go back many generations.  2012 brought in new energies to make it easier for us to pull our “Light” out of negativity and into PEACE. This flow is now occurring on Earth at this time, and it will continue throughout our lifetime and generations to come.

It may feel like chaos now before these patterns of peace really take hold and sync in across the planet. But it’s so much easier making decisions when you go with the flow. Wake to the fact that this timing in our life history is offering us new opportunities and possibilities to enjoy peace and harmony on this planet. The ways we have related to one another and the Mother Earth have caused the problems we are facing today.

Yes, there are still controls that have been placed on us for centuries by authorities that are still hanging on to their power stance. These powers that have been in control: (examples) governmental, political, economic, societal, and controls on our environment are fighting to hold their position of authority power over us as we are now living on the planet.  But these controls are going to give way as “these new lines of possibilities are anchoring in as we are taking our power back, and making decisions to create more peace for ourselves and in our world.”

We are heading towards PEACE even though it may not look like it now, because things are being uncovered and the dust (so to speak) is being stirred up for full disclosure on matters facing us today. We can bring about changes creatively more than ever now, and also have compassion for ourselves and one another in the process.

Incorporating new ways within ourselves for supporting peace frees up our energy to become more stimulating and creatively alive.  We can lead with our heart sense on what is really good about any matter. That doesn’t mean to give one’s self over to situations that no longer serves us, or that is underhanded, controlling or abusive. We can move out of these realms and move into more peaceful lifestyles. We can decide more than ever in our history what we will allow and will not allow into our lives. Experience is a great teacher.

More then we are doers we are deciders, and once the decision is made we go on that energy until we consciously change our direction.  When we let anger take over we fall short of making good choices. Even a surprise uncovering of situations is “good to finally come to the surface, see it for what it is, to be handled in creative ways that don’t impose more negative controls.

We can start with ourselves, and then extend this new way for incorporating peace within our families, into our Country, and with issues facing our planet.  The Earth wants to heal situations imposed on her, that have not been healthy for the planet. The Earth is tolerant of our actions, but we can’t fool Mother Nature. The Earth will bring herself back to balance as well in ways she knows to do it.

It is wise for us individually and collectively to support changes for new lines of possibilities. This is necessary for clearing and healing negative patterns of behavior that are impacting us all and the Earth.

Let us each be an integral part of the good we wish to see happen in our own lives and in our world.  Let us lessen the grip that fear has had on us by remembering the power of your Soul is in your everyday movements.

In making decisions: We do have the power to make life enhancing changes and what we think does matter. It is best to think of including the Earth, because it is supporting us as well. When we don’t like the way things are going let us call forth the answers from the wiser part within us, and make everyday decisions that will bring humanity into Peaceful co-existence.

Praise that which is good as well!

Gratitude Goes A Long Way In Creating More Blessings,

Linda Crane



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