Mercury In Retrograde

Hmmmmm.  I know you think you understand what you thought I said, but I’m not sure that what you heard is what I actually meant! This statement is a perfect example of what happens when Mercury, the planet that rules communication, is in retrograde. Some of you who are familiar with Mercury Retrograde may be saying what in the world is going on.  What’s happening to me? But Mercury Retrograde just might be your blessing in disguise.

You may ask: What does it have to do with me? How does Mercury in Retrograde play any role and have any impact in my life?

There are ways you can work to your advantage when Mercury is Retrograde.  I would like to give you some inside information that I use; and suggestions on how to do the best with what you have; when life does the unexpected, and at what you might consider really bad timing.

Is there any extra confusion going on lately?  Any mishaps, car problems, mis-understandings, communication fumbles, appointment changes, travel delays, mix ups, or breakdowns with anything?

If the above statement sounds familiar it’s doubled when the planet Mercury; which rules communication appears to be slowing down its orbit.  This is referred to as Mercury Retrograde.  3-4 times a year is the usual visit of Mercury Retrograde, which lingers for approximately 3 weeks at a time when this occurs. 


Here are the dates of Mercury Retrograde in 2013:

February 23, 3013 – March 17, 2013

June 26, 2013 – July 19, 2013

October 21, 2013 – November 10, 2013

Mercury retrograde periods can really be exhausting. Everything can wear us out. Chores that should take minutes take hours instead. Missed appointments and deadline changes occur. Communications that should be easy turn into convoluted exercises in phone tag, misunderstandings, and hard feelings. Ordinary everyday travel gets tangled up in delays, missed, travel plans, confusion, directions get mixed up, traffic jams, car problems and/or accidents occur, and computer or other technology devices have unexpected glitches or crashes. Even if you are on target you still are dealing with people that may not have this insight, and from that perspective things can also affect you and go wrong or sideways. We all have the timing of Mercury to contend with.

Since each Mercury retrograde period lasts about three weeks, the extra effort involved can take an enormous toll. It’s easy to feel drained, tired, stressed out, and completely fatigued mentally, emotionally, and physically when you are unaware of what is upon you.  If you aren’t careful, you can get sick, or even worse, you can become accident-prone and suffer debilitating injuries. Car accidents occur more during these times. Mercury rules cars and all technology. Mercury Retrograde can amount to what feels like “Frustration City”

But even if you don’t suffer physically, you may still confront a major problem–and you just don’t have the energy you need to get everything accomplished. You may not even feel as though you have the will to try.

Vince Lombardi said: “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.”

For the reasons stated this is why it’s so important to have a proactive strategy of re-energizing whenever Mercury is retrograde.

You can do all the things that help you keep your energy and attentiveness high–giving yourself time for recreational activities that reduce your stress levels.  It’s a time to have more fun. You can put together a better eating and exercise plan, and it’s a good time to work on reducing weight. It’s a good policy to make sure that your schedule includes time for power naps and meditation, and taking a break whenever the circumstances get too overwhelming.

This is especially vital if we’re involved in managing a business, if your livelihood depends on making clear and resourceful decisions of any variety. We can consider a re-energizing strategy ahead of time. Check and re-check during Mercury Retrograde.

So what is Mercury Retrograde good for; when it feels like that uninvited, unwanted, house guest that stays for 3 weeks or more at a time? 

Does Mercury Retrograde come with any benefits?  Does it bestow on you any gifts when it visits you 3-4 times a year?  You may feel lucky in 2013; you will only have Mercury Retrograde visit 3 times.

You can take extra steps to build up your energy reserves if you know when this timing of Retrograde Mercury is approaching, and ‘decide to be and feel more in peace’ when Mercury reverses its direction.

It’s going to happen so you might as well laugh and know not to take it personally, because you can’t control everyone or everything around youMost people don’t even know there are such events called Mercury Retrograde. They may not care, or comment so what, but be sure it affects us all on some level whether we acknowledge it or not; while we are still attached to this material world.

For me watching events take place over the course of more than 20 years as an astrologer, I’ve developed a good sense of humor.  As I see things mis-fire, mis-align, disconnect or change my life; I actually smile and more than not laugh, and say, “this is Mercury Retrograde doing its thing”. I don’t take it all on me too personally.  I become more objective and fix what I can. With the rest of the jumble; I include my guidance system to work with me on a deeper level for me to make the best decisions possible.

You can get some extra rest, make sure you are physically taking care of yourself.  You can make that health care professional appointment you have been putting off.  You can organize your schedules to accommodate delays that you’re likely to encounter. You can allow yourself to not feel so deflated or upset when plans go astray.  ‘I always sit quietly and get to a place within me that feels calm, and be still, and enjoy myself as much as I can.  And I acknowledge and become more aware of what is going on around me with the people I am interacting with. I attempt to be really clear on what I say to anyone, (as long as they give me time to finish what I have to say). And if I feel it necessary; I ask them to repeat it so I get the conversation straight with them.  Or I’ll say, “let me repeat what you have just told me so I know I’ve got it right.” Mercury retrograde is a great time to do any type of research. It’s meant to be an internal processing time for everyone (that’s why meditating or any internal personal work or therapy is so good during these times) so that when Mercury moves forward you’ll have your plans put together in a better order that will serve you. A new and better direction may come out of it. I know that I can just take things so far and then I have to wait.  Mercury Retrograde does have that flavor of a lesson in patience’.

When you use your astrological knowledge intelligently in this way, you can avoid feeling a victim of Mercury Retrograde. One the positive side, it is a time when you can complete something that you have not been able to finish up before.  Or a long awaited event finally comes to fruition. Or all the pieces to a puzzling situation are uncovered.

Instead, you can use Mercury retrograde periods to get more accomplished than you ever imagined possible when you move in the positive direction that Mercury is leading you towards. So it is good advice to go with the flow of what it is teaching you, and how it is mentoring you.

It is a time of introspection so that you can evaluate and reason if the plans you have made are really on track for you.  As you rush around in your very busy life you can get use to being in the motion of doing things without really knowing why you are doing them.  You can get caught up in the frenzy of too much energy in motion, and often it can become misdirected.

You may not be thinking correctly, so the planet that rules your thinking, “Mercury” governs what you are thinking on any matter; and therefore the actions that come from these thoughts may easily get you into a mess.  So Mercury Retrograde comes to your rescue to help you think more consciously and clearly.

Mercury Retrograde will help you to see if these five (5) key steps to transformation are on track for you:

  1. A decision. You “command” transformation by choosing it. Your conscious intent to go in a new direction redirects your life flow and aims you where you want to go. It all begins here.
  2. A plan. You can direct the energy of circumstances when you are prepared for them, and deflect your stress. Having information on what to do, how and when, will guide you down the path to transformation.
  3. A vision. A clear picture of the end result you want will help you attract it into your life. A great way to accelerate that transformation is to step into the end vision and live from it right now, today.
  4. A why. The more reasons you have for wanting transformation, the better and faster will be the results.
  5. A support team. When someone believes in you, odds are you will boost your own opinion of yourself. When you are in a group of people who want your transformation as much if not more than you do, you will go in the direction of speedy transformation.
  • Mercury Retrograde is like a support team for you. It holds you in place before it goes in its direct motion, to see if the plans you are making are on target for your success in all areas of your life.  If some of the plans don’t feel right; this is a great time to adjust your thinking or doing in such a fashion so that your plans really become an asset to you.

From my own life happenings; my plans were altered as I planned to get this blog out to you when Mercury Retrograde had begun.  I didn’t consciously understand my delay.  Now while looking back on it; I see that Mercury really did give me first hand experiences of my own to share with you and make this a more insightful blog of my own journey. When Mercury is retrograde, it’s not unusual to see our best-laid plans come to a screeching halt.

Whatever you happen to have on the agenda, it suddenly needs to be set aside so we can tend to other more pressing matters.

This happened to me when Mercury first went into Retrograde. I had to deal with an unexpected car repair in addition to, anti-virus software that got stuck in a loop, a family members misunderstanding, (and I chose not to be a part of their drama, and let the situation chill for while, and I know it will work out). I also experienced project delays. I had to get a refund on a large purchase I made for my business (I made this purchase, the week prior to Mercury going Retrograde). I realized in going over this program, and having the good fortune of a chance conversation with someone about this program I was going to purchase, that the program was not going to benefit me for what I really wanted to accomplish. I was able to get a refund right away. That was a blessing. (If I didn’t know any better I could have really gotten down on myself).

Instead I called upon gratitude, humbleness, and Grace to see me through.  What I’ve been doing is healing work on myself and others each day. I go into prayer and meditate, and ask guidance, what is my next best way to proceed? Sometimes my answers are to just stay calm, peaceful, and hold off for awhile longer.

Can I say the problems I’ve encountered have been all cleared up since the beginning of this Mercury Retrograde period?  No….but Mercury Retrograde isn’t finished yet, and what I have been doing is looking for solutions, and I’m certainly getting more information on what needs to be done, and it is redirecting me to look into different areas where I did not think I would have wanted previously before this Retrograde.

I’m being open and aware to circumstances around me, and using my insight, intuition to follow me through to my next steps.  Hey, it’s a journey.  Might as well be up for an adventure while Mercury Retrograde is visiting.  The one thing I’m not doing is getting upset or losing my center.  I also make the decision as I’m moving ahead that I allow the Universe/God to be my partner along my path.  I let go and let God be the best part of this redirecting time through me.  You may like to try this as well.  Only one thing…know that you can’t push the river.  Be alert to clues as how you are to proceed and let the Universe/God steer you with your intuitive hunches that make you feel inspired as you move ahead.  That’s partnership!

Have the feeling/knowing that you are getting the correct information for you at this time.  Trust Yourself/Trust the Universe/God.  (After all the planet Mercury is part of the Universe). Use your energy in positive ways: to sense, or feel, see, hear, or know, in whatever way you get your hunches, which is your intuitive FYI; that you are open and receptive to better help and support to get you not only through it, but also past any difficulties you are encountering.

Many times what comes out of Mercury Retrogrades is what you never expected.  Are you an adventurer? ‘I believe we all are’.  Even if you say no to this question, I bet you have been an adventurer at some point in your life, in some way, because living on planet earth does require it.

Mercury Retrograde is asking you to be your essential real self when it comes around.  Go back to what is really important and real for you.  You can get great realizations on all levels of your life to move you forward in a better more solid direction, by the time Mercury Retrograde is completed. You can go through this timing and reap its benefits and come out with a much brighter GREEN LIGHT to go forward with any plans.

You get to see what was missing. You get to find new information you didn’t have prior to this visit of Mercury Retrograde. You can direct your course of action better, because you find out that you didn’t have everything in proper order or perspective to begin with; and now your much better prepared to get better results.  You may fine tune your proposals, something new that you haven’t seen or known prior to this timing. And now it may become available to you. This missing piece makes itself more clear to you, and you fill in that part.  It’s a time to meditate.

Mercury Retrograde was built into the system of your life so you would have checks and balances for your plans and re-direct yourself in more positive ways.

When you keep goin’ and goin’ you just don’t stop to look at what you are doing.  So Mercury Retrograde pulls you inward to take a look at yourself and what you are doing.  It’s really a blessing in disguise.  Yes, it does entail work, but isn’t that what you do each day?  You might as well do it more to your advantage and more efficiently to your benefit.

So when Mercury Retrograde comes around it appears to put on the brakes and screw everything up. Since Mercury rules the mind your thinking may be off track; so when it comes around it gives you that jolt, or it gives a jolt to someone else in your life around you that can bring havoc into your life.  View it as: Is there a lesson in here for me?  Be open with yourself and ask what really counts here? What really matters?

  • Sometimes Retrograde Mercury shows up as this is just what is! And then just accept what is. And now is really the time to face it. There may be nothing to fix, only something to experience that may enhance your spiritual growth and understanding. You may want to fix everything but you can’t make it perfect for someone else.

Mercury rules the mind, so you may be asked to change long held ideas and/or beliefs that no longer serve you, maybe a thought, a condition, or a habit which will change your destiny. You have to be willing to do that, because (Mercury doesn’t give up). Three 3-4 times a year it keeps coming back.  Did you ever have your mind give up??? Through mind/ego you can get stuck. Is it necessary to control everything to work out just as you feel it has to be to feel comfortable or safe? Could your life or the situation get any better?  Could you let go and find out? Since Mercury governs all forms of communication you may have to be more tolerant with yourself, other people, and your plans, and also to be ready to fix what isn’t working.

The maintenance of chores associated with these events can chew up most of what you had originally planned. It can be an inconvenient nuisance to say the least, but it does give you an occasion to think about one of the practical strategies for dealing with Mercury Retrograde periods.  I had to revise my priority list and spend a little time reviewing my goals and plans.  In other words, Mercury Retrograde pushed me into taking time to Refocus and Regroup.

Applying this strategy is a fairly straightforward process. But the way you get there may take some twists and turns you weren’t expecting.  Changes done from the perspective of guidance and inner focus can get you the bull’s eye on target. You’ll be happier and life will work out smoother.

Her are some questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Are your plans congruent with what you want to accomplish in the long run? If not, what changes do you need to make?
  2. What are you willing to do to get the results you really want?
  3. What can you do to make the process easier, more effective, and more enjoyable?
  4. For that matter, what about your long-range goals themselves?
  5. If you have created goals in the past, are they still appropriate? Do they still represent what you really want to accomplish?

The power of inner focus can move mountains, taking us to levels of achievement that you may never have dreamed possible. But if you are focusing on the wrong thing, or if you are heading in the wrong direction, it’s critically important to refocus, regroup, and change your course.

The Bach flower Remedies at anytime, and especially during Mercury Retrograde go hand in hand very well. I find these Flower Essences to be very helpful in this regard. They are made from flowers of a very high order. I use them with my private clients. And as a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner with the Bach Foundation; I can say I’ve always seen them perform outstandingly. Here are only a few of their uses: They help with anxiety, unknown fears, and feeling discouraged. They are wonderful and very helpful for focusing and re-directing old habit patterns that are difficult to re-train. They help you to concentrate and not feel scattered. They are a great aide while going through all types of life transitions. And its a great help when you feel overwhelmed. These personalized remedy combinations are fabulous in keeping a person on track and calm at the same time. (There is a Bach Flower Remedy for every emotion). They are 100% safe and effective and can be purchased over the counter. They have been used for over 70 years. They can be used in conjunction with all other medications safely.  They do not have any drug interactions and are not habit forming.  They are amazing!  You may want to consider having a formula made for yourself?  Mercury retrograde periods are the perfect time for doing that!  I use them for myself as well.  It’s like having a counselor with you 24/7 helping to assist your emotions as you go through periods of change.  They help you do this with added awareness, much less stress, and they give you the ability to change what is required.

It’s much better to plan proactively whenever Mercury goes retrograde.  In doing so you will be taking steps ahead of time to get the best results with the least amount of stress. But if you don’t do that, as I was reminded when Mercury Retrograde began, Mercury’s job will definitely make itself known on your adventure in life to keep you on track. How you respond is up to you.

And finally, I was able to get this blog out to you!! I’d love to hear your comments, and your interests. Keep in touch fellow adventurer. Visit me at:

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With Extra Blessings,

Linda Crane


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