Money Transformation

How do You ‘open to prosperity’ and make a statement for Yourself in 2014?…….This happens through your own Transformation. Prosperity and transformation go together. They are in balance together and a match to achieving your goals. It’s the Money Transformation that brings about your results.

In the movie Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts, there is a joke worth mentioning here.

“There is an old Italian joke about a poor man                                                                                                    who goes to church every day and prays before                                                                                                       the statue of a great saint, begging,

‘Dear saint, please, please, please let me win the lottery.’

“Finally, the exasperated statue comes to life and
looks down at the begging man and says, ‘My son,
please, please, please buy a ticket.’

Now I’m not telling you this story because I’m Italian, which I am, and love Italy, which I do; I tell it because I’m wondering…Do You know that you are the ticket for your life???  In other words, have you stepped out in faith towards the things you cherish most? Have you taken an adventurous move? Aristotle once said, “Nature abhors a vacuum.”  Stepping out, facing your fears, taking action,
doing something – all of these, in effect, create a vacuum. They place a demand on the universe to produce for you a desired result.

If you want to receive an answer from God then you have to be the first cause…you have to decide what you want. It’s like asking a question of God. If there’s no question, there’s no answer. Most of the time,
people have this backwards. So they wait. You have to start the conversation going with your eself and with the Divine.  And you know what people are usually waiting for? Money.  It’s why they’re waiting and feel stuck, because they are waiting for God to talk to them without starting the conversation first. But it doesn’t work that way.

You have to BE your own ticket…first. You have to be the movement, the ticket so to speak, that makes you take action…first.

You give the universe a way to answer you…when you start the ball rollin. The Universe is waiting to respond to your first actions.

It’s a bit backwards, I know. And really, it can take a while to digest this, but you have to start somewhere.

But here’s the approach: Getting MORE money, making MORE money, than you currently have, always involves some sort of Transformation. You have to ‘transform’ your thinking and behaving mindset. You have to become somebody who thinks and believes differently than you do now.

No matter how much money you want it’s all about the same thing: Transformation. When you are transforming yourself you go through an inner process, where by you begin to see, choose, and act differently. This will work as well for acquiring something different then money that you desire to have or achieve.

Speaking from experience, life just gets easier when you invest in yourself. Because you are the ticket.  And if its money you’re after; well it wouldn’t hurt to open more channels to prosperity and possibly  even purchase a lottery ticket; since it’s an opening for money to come in.  You know how the saying goes:  “Hey you never know, you have to be in it to win it.”

However you want to play it: You ARE the ticket in your life:…Take Charge Now!

Think loving thoughts about yourself.  Money likes a breading ground of pleasant, and happy conditions to nestle into.

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