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Bring Blessings into Your Life

a. Personal Clearing and Blessing Session:
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b. Energy Clearing and Blessing for Home and Land:
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c. Energy Clearing for Your Business or Corporation:
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Adding blessings to one’s life is one of my favorite ways of working with clients, initiating healings to come forth in your life, and releasing memories that are experienced as problems. These problems can be held within us from generations before us. We can heal this even if we don’t know what happened in our past. This is a very simple, yet very profound and effective healing process.

How would you like to achieve peace, balance, healthy relationships, better sex, increasing finances, and a new meaning in your life with a fresh start? Access a new clear pathway for yourself, acknowledge and more fully recognize the problems that have been running your life, and establish your connection with your true source within.

Clean away fear, guilt, blame, or superstition and take responsibility for your memories that are stored as problems. Each of us is responsible for his/her own life and this is a unique problem solving technique to clear away new, as well as deep-seated problems with family, relatives, and ancestors that we have inherited. Be peaceful! Make these inner connections and increase productivity in your business. Establish harmonious working conditions and increase your financial wealth!

Payment is due prior to appointment. Consultation fees are non-refundable.