Psychic Readings

Intuitive Readings…from the Heart

Phone Reading ½ hour $125.00
Phone Reading full hour $200.00

Our Spirit Loved Ones, Angels and Guides are always with us ready to assist our life’s journey, if we will take time to listen. See what messages Spirit has in store for you in the multifaceted areas of your life. Spirit speaks to us in many ways.

Do you have any major decisions to make in the near future? Are you wondering what course of action to take in a particular area of your life? Are you seeking a confirmation on a particular situation? Are you looking for messages from your Spirit Guides and loved ones? Or are you just wondering what’s around the corner for you in the months ahead? If you have love, relationship, career or health questions, answers from Spirit can be very supportive and insightful.

Our Spirit Loved Ones, Angels and Guides are always with us ready to assist our life’s journey, if we will take time to listen. See what personal messages Spirit has in store for you in the multifaceted areas of your life!

Spirit speaks to us in many ways. Utilizing her gifts as a Psychic, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Healer, Astrologer, and Holistic Psychology Practitioner, Reverend Linda Crane will assist you in unfolding the messages in your life’s design.

For several decades, Linda Crane has been sharing her God given ability and gifts to communicate with your Spirit loved ones, as well as bring through messages to assist you in your life here and now. Linda’s messages from the heart, brings through information to assist you in your life choices.
Linda since birth has had the abilities to bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual worlds. She knew she was here to be of service. Linda is nurturing, and compassionate. She brings back soulful messages from the other side. She not only presents the most insightful information, she thoughtfully counsels you on the guidance that comes through during your reading.
Linda is a direct-voice medium – that is, she receives a thought and then speaks it, often providing evidential proof of life after death, by giving a name or another verifiable fact. She is clairsentient, which simply means clear-feeling – she feels the emotions and personalities of those she works with. She is also clairvoyant, which means that she sees with whom she is communicating. Very often, Spirit communicates with her through visual symbols or insights.

What can I expect when Linda provides a reading?

Linda counsels you on everything that comes through from Spirit and your Guides. A private reading gives your guidance from Spirit the opportunity to share with you what you need to hear in order to help you through this time in your life. The information that comes through is relevant to your soul’s path – where you have been, where you are now, and insights on future choices.

By receiving present messages between you and departed relatives and friends, Linda verifies the existence of life after death. Truth first hand by Spirit comes in many ways. Linda is honest and direct as she gives you what she receives in ways that are approachable to speak to you about your journey on your Soul’s path. Seeking clarity enhances the realization of ones goals and evolution.

Appointment line:
1.307 201.6808 Linda’s #

for international callers

* Please be punctual in regards to your appointment time.
Due to strict scheduling, Linda cannot make up missed appointment time
or provide a refund for missed time on your part.

Here are some of the rates charged by other practitioners in the intuitive and mediumistic fields for your comparison:

Name Type of Reading Fee/Rate:
Chris Dufresne phone 20-30 minutes for $500
George Anderson phone/in person both $1200 for 50 minutes to one hour
Robert Brown phone 30 minutes for $500
Char Margolis phone 45 minutes for $600

Sessions with pets and other Animals: can range in length using various modalities depending on your preferences and goals for session.
Payment is due prior to the time of appointment.

Note: Telephone Sessions require that payment be received prior to the session.

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