The Reconnection

The Reconnection™ requires 2 sessions; which are done over 2 consecutive days. Each Session: 60 Min.  The Reconnection™ can only be administered in person. Please email for scheduling.


This brings in new axiatonal lines that draw the basic energy for the renewal functions of the human body. (A two-part process, received over two consecutive days) one hour each session.

“What we are doing is reconnecting strands.”
When we use this healing energy, we’re doing more than fixing some particular problem; we’re literally reconnecting strands―strands of DNA. DNA is a complex molecule consisting of two strands connected in a spiraling double-helix shape, like a twisted ladder. Science teaches that every human being has these two strands in every DNA molecule in their body, and this configuration is the basis of our genetic code or blueprint. From such minute bits of matter comes the structure of our bodies, our brains, and even large parts of our personalities.

What science doesn’t teach―at least not yet―is that at one time we may have had 12 strands of DNA encoding that much more information! Reconnecting strands implies that rather than continuing to evolve forward in a linear fashion, the human race will benefit by simultaneously reaching back in time and bringing forward certain aspects from when we were a more complete people. That’s part of what’s happening now with the Reconnection: We are reconnecting with who we once were.

“What we are doing is reconnecting strings”
This phrase isn’t about DNA at all. It’s about simultaneously occurring (parallel) planes of existence. It’s about sub-nuclear physics and describing the fundamental structure of the universe itself. It is about string theory. This is physics giving support and insight into life, into spiritually, into parallel planes of existence.

It appears that the most fundamental particles in the universe aren’t really particles at all. They are best described as loops of “string” that vibrate at specific frequencies. Via the new Re-connective frequencies, we are now able to interact with other planes or dimensions-consciously. This is our movement from the five senses to what Gary Zukav calls multisensory or trans-sensory human beings. With this we are able to go beyond, or transcend, our basic five senses.