Spontaneity is your point of power!

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Here’s An Empowering Thought:

God/Infinite Intelligence, doesn’t do-do overs.                                                               God doesn’t repeat Itself.                                                                                                God doesn’t make mistakes!

God creates through Its ONENESS with you.  God creates through Its Infinite Nature…Its Uniqueness.

How available are you to your Spiritual nature?

Spontaneity doesn’t mean you have to do something fast! It’s more about clarity of thought and you get an idea or an inspiration to do something and you just act on it.  This may lead to a seeing, or knowing, or feeling, or all 3, and one thing after another just moves forward to accomplish something in a certain direction, and you are on the path. You find that the pieces, the steps, the parts, that you require form and gel into place. There is also an energy of lightness while moving forward with the way you are responding.

We are all unique expressions of the Infinite.  It’s up to us to tap into that infinite potential and express it. When we tap into that Infinite Potential we act spontaneously. You just find yourself doing something without having to put  much thought on it.  You find yourself being it, and actively moving on it.  When this occurs it becomes a WOW…just so easy, and your life, your something, your uniqueness, is in the flow Effortlessly!

This blog came to me in a flash today and I found myself going over to the computer and writing it out for you just as it came my way.

May your co-creative connection be in a harmonious flow with Spontaneity!!


Linda Crane

Photo by Jordanhill School D&T Dept

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