The Solar Eclipse New Moon In Scorpio

 solareclipse photoNew Moons are the beginnings of cycles.  A Solar Eclipse as seen from the Earth is a type of eclipse that occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, and the Moon fully or partially blocks the Sun.  On Thursday, October 23, 2014,  at 5:57 pm EST, the Moon is in its New Moon phase, with the Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.

The Sun in your Astrological chart refers to your goals and your purpose, your main sense of importance, and what you are trying to do in the world.  During full or partial Eclipses relates to being overshadowed in some way, because your light may feel that it is being blocked out from its full expression in some way.

On October 23, 2014, what will occur is a New Moon phase Solar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio.  It’s an important time that can have far reaching insights. Where ever Scorpio is in your Astrological chart is the area where this will be most effective for hopes of change in a positive direction. If you don’t know your astrological chart, there are still some important insights about your life you may observe over the next 6 months. Energies of Eclipses last for a 6 month period. The flavoring of the sign of Scorpio will give you indications to what you can experience.

Life is all about how we use our energy, grow, change and transform, into a better higher version of ourselves.  In spiritual understanding you can change now or change later because of your own free will, but evolution will happen; because it is the only game in town so to speak, while living here on Gaia Mother Earth.  This planet is known to be a teacher of cause and effect, in that sense you can call it school house Earth.

To get a fuller picture of this timing, here’s some insights on the sign Scorpio itself.

Scorpio is a deep astrological sign. It has determination.  It is a water sign.  I consider water to be the strongest element of the four elements of fire, earth, air and water. Water is truly a force to be reckoned with, and is truly life giving, and amazing. Water puts out fire, can drown the earth or nourish it, when water mixes with the air we can have immense storms.  When it comes to Scorpio we can use the expression ‘still waters run deep’. In the sign of Scorpio things can be more hidden and reflective. Scorpio is not an open book. There are deep feelings associated with this sign.

Scorpio is also a fixed water sign. Meaning Scorpio tendencies are not prone to changing things easily unless it wants to, or feels ready to change.  Scorpio has to do with birthing something, out with the old and in with the new, endings, regeneration, renewal, and transformation.  Endings that transpire with Scorpio cycles, you can say will be done and over with.  Things most likely will not go back to the way they were before.  Things can die out to their natural end conclusions.

Sometimes they are happy endings sometimes they are not. It all depends where you are at in your life, and what is going on for you now.  If you have been waiting a long time to make that change that has been held within, and has not come to the surface yet… this timing can assist you. It’s a great time to make  changes for the better. Renew, rebirth, and regenerate yourself in any area that just has not been working for you.

New Moons are beginning phases. They are not yet out in the open to see all of its results as at the time of a full Moon. Solar Eclipses can be reality shaking and in deep digging Scorpio can expose any detrimental patterns to come up and clear. Our emotions gives the fuel to shift realities in new energies. We are mirrors for ourselves. “As within so without, as above so below.”  What we send out comes back to us.  This is what’s meant by cause and effect.

Scorpio is a force for change at the hidden depths of yourself that can bring the ‘Light’ back into your life.  I’m focusing on the positive that this timing can bring over the next 6 months.  The negative side of things can also come forth from clinging to actions put forth that have not been working.  We will have to face change sometime sooner or later if not now, and it can be more difficult then because of increased added baggage. It’s safer to complain and be the victim, to point our fingers at the injustices.  It’s safer to complain than to change.  So eclipses and most other planetary influences keep nudging us along, changing for us what we won’t change for ourselves. Instead of digging our heels in when it comes to change… you could allow the changes necessary to happen instead of making change do it for you. That’s never comfortable.

We are all asked at this timing to do our inner work on any level and in any area of our lives to birth something positive.  The old thoughts that have grown cobwebs are no longer helping you along to a happier life. It’s up to each one of us because we were gifted with Free Will by the Creator.

This week Oct 20-26, 2014, sociable, friendly, peace loving Venus, and the Life giving Sun, will also be in Scorpio.  Mercury that has so much to do with all types of communication has been retrograde.  Mercury will be making its Direct motion forward. Mercury Retrograde is great for reviewing, researching, meditating, exploring inner growth, writing, journaling, completing tasks.  Mercury is going forward.  We’ve spent enough time reviewing. Its time to take what you know  and go forward.

Eclipses mark change! Understanding where and how you need to make changes is key to rising above adversity. Here are some intense influences that can arise to be cleared:  Betrayal, abandonment, getting in touch with your sexuality, power and control issues, trust issues, negative feelings with intense passion, suspicion, secrets coming to the surface, understanding where and how you need to make change   Scorpio energy can be counted on to expose the truth. Any loose ends need to be cleared up. This is the time we can cut out those things, situations, or people, from our lives with discernment and move on.

During the next 6 months you may notice you have the ability to see clearly the heart of the matter before you. Dropping the baggage will be a relief.  Your relationships may intensify. That topic may take center stage.  With intense Scorpio energy there is no middle ground. No maybe’s about it. Things are rather clear cut with Scorpio. It takes a lot of fortitude, backbone, grit, if you’re a loyal person to get to the point of dropping unhealthy situations.  A clearing is possible now to rebirth any part of your life that needs rejuvenating and change.  The part of your life this energy focuses on is looking for you to lean into the change.  It’s a blessing to be decisive.

When you connect honestly, calmly, and with compassion for what you have gone through, and then share your truest feelings with another, no matter how distasteful that may be, you will be on this course of transformation.

For added support, this weekend Mercury goes direct in forward motion, and Mars moves into the sign of Capricorn. This mars energy gives more determination to feel capable. Capricorn energy is disciplined and moves with consistent effort to get things done to reach a goal. It starts with the first step forward, and then more steps forward, towards the same path. Scorpio energy has much desire to experience what it wants to make real.

Clearly breaking from past habits brings fresh starts. There is an wonderful opportunity to deeply heal body, mind and spirit. Transformation is what your soul is seeking now.  A new you is coming forth from darkness into the Light.  You have a vision and it calls to you from within. Let it guide you.  And so it is!
All Is Well…Blessings,

Linda Crane

Photo by mrlaugh


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