What Your Loved Ones Who Have Passed On Want You To Know

Messages from Loved Ones

The Top 12 (dozen) Things Your Loved Ones, Who Have Passed On, Want To Tell You:

1. They’re still living, just in a different form.
2. They apologize for any sadness and trouble they caused you.
3. They look as they did when they looked their very best in their Earth life.
4. They were ready to go at their appointed time, even though you may not have been ready for them to leave.
5. It’s not your time to go. And if you like, they’ll be with you when you arrive.
6. They finally understand the big picture and what they have and have not done.
7. Words can not explain the beauty of the moment when you arrive, as they do see it now.
8. Fear, guilt, and worry are not necessary.  Approval comes from inside you.
9. Your pets are healthy, loving, and as much fun, as they were when with you.
10. Life really is all about loving your self, as well as, those who have been unkind to you.
11. The Law of Oneness does prevail.
12. They also want you to know that they really do show up when you wish to hear from them or want to have your own conversation with them.

You can reach them by being patient with yourself, until you achieve stillness in your mind, and getting very quiet within.  Then call on them and have your conversation.  Trust yourself and take what you get.  If it’s really them, your answer will be loving and helpful.

Linda Crane is a psychic intuitive from birth.  She is available as a medium to assist you in your journey. Feel free to contact her by clicking here.



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  1. Barbara Barnardo says:

    The Night before my Brother Peter died @ the age of 54 years old two yearss ago he was so upset he phoned me said Barbie our family is cursed I want to die.
    Its come from my Fathers time who fought in the last war in Italy, etc, Egypt they were walking around the pyrimids and they were told not to touch or disrespect the Pyrimids in any way his friend jumped from one to another fell and died since my Father believed all the bad luck in our family was caused by tha curset. We have had many deaths etc. in our immediate family and I now want to clear this for our future generation> my grand children my children and so on. Just every thing is getting too much for me to>
    Thanks for just having this site to say this

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